BeautyPie Review – 6 months of membership

BeautyPie Review – 6 months of membership

BeautyPie has been around for a while now and when it first launched it sparked my interest but in all honesty, I couldn’t get my head around the whole idea. So after trying a handful of products I had been send via PR I decided the only way I could really understand the whole BeautyPie offering is to me a member, try the process from start to finish and take it from there with a full BeautyPie Review.

BeautyPie Review

How does the membership work?

So here we are, I joined back in May, so this month marks my sixth month as a member of BeautyPie. I originally joined using a referral code from a friend which meant I didn’t pay for month one. I started with the £10 a month membership and decided to upgrade to the £15 a month membership.

I had planned to stick with the lower membership but I found it was somewhat limiting on the list of products I want to try. Having spoken to a couple of people who are also members before I joined one of the bits of advice I was given was to let months of membership accumulate and place larger orders, rather than feel like you need to order every month. So this is what I did and found I still wanted to boost the ‘credit’ I had.

About the way it works. Each month you pay your membership fee. The entry level one is £10 a month and that gives you £100 of credit. The credit vs the actual cost of products is the bit that confused me the most so I’ll try and break it down as simply as possible. Each product has it’s ‘typical price’ and the ‘member price’. The ‘typical price’ is essentially you might expect to pay for the same product if from a more luxe brand or on the highstreet. The whole concept is that BeautyPie take out a lot of the fluff of the industry that leads to inflated prices (retail costs, marketing, celebrity advertising etc) So you pay something a little closer to cost price.

This is where the credit comes in. So just for example purposes, say a product has a typical price of £20 but a member price of £2, if you’re on a £10 a month membership this will take your credit down by £20 and you will pay £2 so in total for that order you will pay £12 (plus postage).

The credit is also a limit on what you can spend, if you want to spend over your credit you have to upgrade your membership. This is the one area of the membership element that frustrates me as if there’s a product I want, I want to just be able to buy it and that would be that. However the USP of BeautyPie is in the membership and that’s the ‘secret’ to getting the products at the reasonable prices.

What about the products?

Which brings me on to the products. Which essentially is what it’s all about. There are a fair few skincare brands out there offering quality skincare without those sky high prices. Including The Ordinary and the Inkey List as two examples. So there are plenty of alternatives for affordable skincare options, so why would you choose BeautyPie?

BeautyPie Review

So far I’ve been seriously impressed with almost every product I’ve tried so far. With only one exception I can think of. The Super Healthy Skin Body Polish, I love a good body scrub but this one for me wasn’t ideal as it really does leave a sort of creamy film on the skin. Which some may love, but I found it hard to rinse off and created a sort of creamy/flaky residue. BUT that’s the only product I haven’t loved so far.

In fact, of the products I’ve bought as part of my BeautyPie membership the stand out products have been the serums and the Superactive Capsules.

The serums I’ve tried so far:

  • Triple Hyaluronic Acid & Peptide Serum
  • Superdrops High Intensity Hydration
  • Japanfusion Deep Treatment Serum

All three have gorgeous textures, I would say the Superdrops is the most ‘intense’ and borderline feels more like an oil rather than a serum as it’s that bit thicker. As someone with dehydrated skin but a fan of a lighter texture, the serums are perfect.

How much has it cost overall?

In the six months I’ve been a member I’ve placed a total of three orders. I’ve spent a total of £146.70 plus the six months of membership (three at £10 and three at £15) so overall six months with BeautyPie has cost £221.70 so to call it an average of £36.95 a month

Of all the products I’ve ordered there’s a fair few I am still to try. Overall my top recommendation would be for the Japanfusion range. The Transforming Cleanser and M1 & M2 steps are all the top ones I would suggest you try. Personally I’ve focussed on the skincare over the makeup side of things, purely down to my own personal interest.

I also mentioned I have been sent some products via the PR team, from the QI Energy range and whilst I’m not focusing on those here it was this range that caught my eye and made me want to both try more but I knew to really be able to review BeautyPie the only way to do so was actually sign up.

The big question, will I continue with the membership? At the moment, yep – the monthly cost doesn’t feel too high and it giving me the ability to be able to order products as I want/need to.

My advice if you’re thinking of joining BeautyPie. Start on the cheapest membership and see how you use it. Ideally look to double up monthly allowances and order every other month or so. Meaning you don’t have to pay too much for delivery (which is £3.36 standard or £6.29 for next day delivery).

BeautyPie Review

Who would I say BeautyPie is good for? If you love beauty and love trying different things, taking your time over your skincare or like to find alternatives to perhaps more expensive makeup products (there are some lovely marbled powders that are very Hourglass-esque). If you’re on a budget and want keep control of how much you spend on a monthly/bi-monthly basis then BeautyPie is ideal.

If you’re interested in signing up for BeautyPie then you’re welcome to use my referral link to get your first month free:

(This link is a referral link to sign up and get your first month free. If you sign up I am credited £50 to my BeautyPie account. When you sign up you get your own referral link so you can do the same)



  1. sarahsarsby
    November 16, 2019 / 7:07 pm

    I’d love to get a BeautyPie membership and I think when my skincare products start to run out, I’m going to invest in getting a membership. I’ve heard great things about the products, particularly the skincare ones, and your review has cemented that. Thanks for sharing!

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