Beauty for the boys: bargain products from ASDA

The beauty industry has recently shown a micro-trend for developing men’s beauty products, anything from basic face washes to actual man-makeup (manscara anyone?!) Whilst I see what they are trying to do, jumping on the metro-sexual bandwagon, but I would say that most men I know wouldn’t consider extending their beauty routine further than the S**t, Shower, Shave morning routine.

For the boys who like their beauty basic then ASDA is the place to go. The essential care range is nicely packaged so you wont be embarrassed to have it on show in the bathroom, and priced at less than £2 a product the range is ideal for these ‘credit crunch’ times (I hate that expression).

The range includes the following (with comments from a willing male volunteer who tested them out):

ASDA Essential Care for Men Cleansing Face Wash £1.84

“It does the job, nothing special but minimal fuss so suits me. Is as good as other brands I have used like Oxy.”

ASDA Essential Care for Men Moisture Balm £1.84

“Another good basic product, does the job!”

ASDA Essential Care for Men Face Scrub £1.84

“I like a good face scrub, this was pretty effective but needed the moisture balm after.”

ASDA Essential Care for Men Shaving Gel £1.84

“Good shaving gel, not much more to say, does the job.”

So there we have it beautyjunkie readers, ASDA is the place to go for bargain men’s beauty basics.


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