Baby soft skin: Johnson’s

Johnson’s Baby Lotion is one of those magic beauty products that is multi-functional, smells yummy and is bank-balance friendly. Baby Lotion is a great cleanser, eye-make remover and face and body moisturiser. Johnson’s also has a light, fresh smell that is on par with my other favorite beauty basics favorite range- Dove.

Having recognised that adults too want faces as soft as a baby’s bum, Johnson’s have recently launched a range of products that are perfect for grown up babies! Including Johnson’s Soft Wash (£2.99 for 400ml) and Johnson’s Baby Soft Cream (£2.29 for 200ml). Both products are packed with moisturisers, and the familiar Johnson’s Baby Lotion scent, leaving you fresh clean and with as close to baby soft skin as you can without turning back time.


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