Tan review: Fake Bake

Rumour has it that Fake Bake is the brand of choice for celebrity self-tanning, on this basis I figured it must be pretty darn good before I even tried it.

There is a huge range of tanning products in the range from the wash-off faux glo, to air-brush instant tans and of course Fake Bake Original. With so many to choose from there is a tanner for every skin type.

Fake Bake Radiant Golden Glow Fair is a gradual self tanner for fair-skin, so if you want to start your fake bake gradually (which is obvious from the name). Fake Bake’s magic ingredients work with your individual skin tone to turn the ideal bronzed colour, the specially designed fair formula contains a limited amount of the fake bake magic so the colour only develops gradually (as it says on the tin) to give you a subtle colour. This is good for maintaining a summer-holiday tan, or for a gradual way to get ready for summer.

Fake Bake Original is the original (and best?) of the range, for some reason the colour of the packaging is a little intimidating for those of us who don’t want to look like we have been tangoed. But after a deep breath and some careful application it does turn a lovely natural (albeit darker) colour. This is not a product for first-time-fakers as it is liable to go wrong but when applied with care leaves you glowing.
Fake Bake Airbrush is another one that is not for the first-timers, this does offer an instant tan that is easy and quick to apply, but does need to be applied with care- it can be good to rope someone else in to make sure you don’t miss bits (obviously someone you are comfortable around, or wear a bikini for holiday-tan lines). This is a great product if you want a tan in a hurry.

Fake Bake has also cottoned on to the fake-tan mousse trend, I have to say I am a big fan of mousse tanners- they are easier and quicker to apply than lotions, but you have more control than you do over sprays- to me it is the best of both worlds. The Fake Bake Mousse is no exception, easy to apply and delivers the same healthy golden glow of the rest of the range, my one tip for mousse is to apply with a fake tan mitt to ensure it blends to avoid streaks and missed spots.
Remember to exfoliate carefully before, wear gloves and moisturise your dry bits. Also, remember to exfoliate every other day after application to ensure it fades gradually.

You can get Fake Bake from the wonderful http://www.wantthelook.com/ at a fabulous 15% off. Including the luscious smelling passion fruit pre-tan Fake Bake scrub.

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  1. Holly
    October 11, 2010 / 1:53 pm

    Great review. I agree the Fake Bake mousse is the best product.
    Another tip if you have dry skin (especially for knees, elbows and ankles) is to use a mitt but add a little moisturiser at the same time as the mousse. This really helps to get even cover on those dry areas.
    I started doing this and really improved the results of my tan.

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