Lulu’s Blast to the Past Dermabrasion

Regular exfoliation is a really vital addition to a good skin care routine, helping to slough off dead skin revealing fresh, smooth skin that you want to show off to the world. I have covered some exfoliators before and mentioned the difference between different types of scrubs, exfoliators and microdermabrasion creams.

In my experience, the finer the beads the better a result, as the smaller beads tend to come in higher concentrations and do a better job in scrubbing skin till its perfectly smooth. A great dermabrasion product is Lulu’s Blast to the Past Dermabrasion from the Time Bomb range.

This is a very highly concentrated exfoliation solution that comes in a really cute spherical pink package. Containing Magnesium Oxide Crystals that are softer and more uniform in particle size than other exfoliation products, this prevents skin damage. Because Lulu’s Blast to the Past is so highly concentrated only a tiny amount is needed, something as small as a peanut sized amount will cover your whole face. Massaging the concoction into face for around 30 seconds and then rinse with luke-warm water (or cold, if you want to feel really refreshed) will leave your skin completely smooth and refreshed. Just take a look at creator, Lulu’s, impressively youthful face- she obviously knows a thing or two about turning back time.

When you have rinsed your face make sure you apply a really good moisturiser to ensure skin is left feeling well looked after.

Lulu’s Blast to the Past is fairly pricey at £30 for 45ml but as you only need a tiny amount then it will last for ages, and the pot is pretty so can double up as bathroom-decoration!
Lulu’s Time Bomb skincare range is available from and QVC

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