Balenciaga Rosabotanica

 Balenciaga has a new perfume in the family and this one is playing on all the lovely floral notes from the original ‘Florabotanica’ but with a new rose key note to give it that fresh, romantic twist.

I have to be honest and say that the original Florabotanica wasn’t for me as was just a bit too heavy on the floral. But a good friend of mine adores it and it’s her signature scent. Just shows how totally subjective a fragrance is!



Balenciga Rosabotanica20140213-064650.jpg

But this one, despite having rose which is basically the ‘ultimate’ floral note (if you think floral scent, most people would automatically think rose) is the lighter, fresher version.

With the same familiar dry down notes, but a noticeable rose hit on first sniff. The fragrance is a good daytime sister for the original – which has a fairly heavier flowery scent to it and naturally feels more nighttime to me.

One thing I definitely adore about this is the bottle- it really portrays the updated freshness of this new version. Plus it’s totally dressing table worthy. The bottle and print are just gorgeous.

Also, today – on Thursday 13th Feb you can get your very own Fashion Illustration with the purchase of Balenciaga Florabotanica or Rosabotanica in Selfridges London. Head down to store today so see the illustrator work his magic.


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