Sassoon Salon: Review

This Friday and Saturday (more about this later) I was lucky enough to have been invited to have the ultimate in follicle-pampering at the Sassoon Salon in Covent Garden.

The salon is in the ultimate Covent Garden location, on Monmouth Street in the trendy seven dials area. The salon is large with a sleek interior and an impressively stocked reception/foyer full of all the must-have products to care for hair (not just the Sassoon brand).

I was invited for a cut a colour, to review the salon and had an appointment lined up with Colour Director, Alliah and Salon Director, Roni. On the day there was a slight spanner thrown into the works as I hadn’t had an allergy test so was unable to do the full head of colour as planned so we decided to go in a different direction and go for a full head of highlights.

The first step for the Sassoon experience was a thorough consultation with both Alliah and Roni on what I wanted and what would work colour-and-cut-wise. Although I am pretty much willing to try any product in the name of beauty, my hair is something I am a bit of a stick-in-the-mud about being determined to keep it long and blonde as it has been since I was little.

Once shades and style were decided, we got going with the process. This was relaxing and gave me a wonderful chance to catch up on some very important reading (Vogue, In Style, Red….etc) Alliah was helped out by assistant Poppy, who competently took care of the washing/conditioning side of things.

In the end, my own botched scheduling meant that I had to split the colour and cut over Friday and Saturday and I am really grateful to how flexible the salon was to this change. It meant that when it came to my cut on the Saturday, Roni could spend the time she needed to work her magic on my rather drab looking hair to bring it back to life. Having discussed what I was hoping she could achieve whilst keeping the length, Roni got to work.

Overall the result is fantastic. The highlights have brought back the naturally golden tones I naturally had in my hair (before I got carried away with the blonding colours) whilst still remaining bright blonde. The cut is simply well-done making it ridiculously easy to style, whether I am going for a messed-up, casual style or a sleek and straightened look- both work equally well with the expertly done cut.

I am really pleased with both the colour and style, both are precisely what I was looking for. I really felt like I was listened too, and as a result I have a colour and style that work for me rather than just tick the current trend boxes.

To book an appointment at the Covent Garden Sassoon Salon call 020 7240 6635 or to find another Sassoon Salon visit

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