Quick post: Slendertone, progress so far….

I have been lucky enough to be given a Slendertone Abs System machine to test out, and review on Beautyjunkielondon.

So far I have been testing out the Slendertone for three weeks now (so I am half way through the suggested six-week programme) and thought I would do a quick post on the progress.

Firstly, the electrical impulses don’t hurt- but they do tingle and then you feel your muscles engage, it just feels like when you are doing a sit-up (but without the effort). I will go into more detail on things like the programmes and intensity levels on the main review post.

So far, three weeks in and so far I am thoroughly impressed. My stomach definitely feels more toned, although I do have some way to go before I am beach ready… check back for the full report in three weeks!


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