e.l.f. Studio Line Shimmer Palette: Review

When the studio line first launched in the UK I was really impressed with the quality and value for money that the brand produced, with products that are priced at less than £4 being equal or higher quality than much, much more expensive brands. I was sold.

So when a parcel arrived at the door with the new e.l.f. Shimmer Palette to review, I was very very excited. As usual, the packaging is impressively solid for a budget brand, still with the ‘NARS’-ish quality about it, but without the rubberised texture. This package does differ slightly in that it has a transparent window so you can view the contents, which is of course the important bit.

Inside the package there are four shimmering cream colours (see above picture – taken after using so sorry for the smudges!) that can be used to highlight anywhere and everywhere. Including white, pale peach/pink, champagne gold and baby pink.

My natural reaction to these was to use them as an eye highlight. today I used the white shade as a highlight for the brow bone. The colour went on and blended really easily using the small brush that comes in the compact and I was impressed with the pigmentation and creamy texture, they are really sheer/shimmery. However, the liquid base to these colours does mean that the staying power is pretty weak and after about 4 hour wear I noticed that my highlight was no more… so these would need re-applying, or setting somehow, although doing so without losing some of the shimmer would be difficult me thinks.

I am going to keep trying these shades and find a way for them to work. My next attempt will be as a cheek bone highlight. I also think these will work well in the corner of the eye, especially as the small brush makes application simple. They might also be good blended under foundation on the cheeks for a bit of sheer illumination factor.

If I have any profound breakthroughs the I will of course share them with you. In the meantime, has anyone been using any other of the new studio products? I am planning an order this week so any suggestions would be welcome. On the list at the moment is the HD Powder… and some more brushes – what else is worth picking up?

*** I almost forgot to mention***
e.l.f. have an amazing deal on at the moment, where if you spend over £25 you get a mini make-up palette completely free. I was also sent this palette and it really is amazing value, my personal favorites are the gorgeous heather/purple shades of eyeshadow and the gorgeous warm pink blusher with a hint of golder shimmer. Really does remind me of the infamous NARS orgasm blush…

Plus it includes a mirror that is actually a decent size, which is quite rare in make-up palettes! I’m not a huge fan of the number of red lipsticks, but that’s because I’m not really a huge lip-stick wearer and given a choice would have switched a few for extra shadows, but that’s just my personal opinion.

Anyway, if you love a bargain then now is a good time to make that order…


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