Kevin Murphy vs Philip Kingsley

Nope, not a boxing match, but a battle of the hair masques. I have been trying out two hair masques from these hair-kings, the Kevin Murphy Born Again Masque and the infamous Philip Kingsley Elasticizer so thought I would do a comparison of the two…
Round 1: Packaging
What can I say, I’m a magpie at heart and packaging matters. The Kingsley product comes in a fairly simple round pot with a kind-of ‘vacuum’ detail (as in a gap between the outer layer of plastic and the inner layer that holds the product). This is nice detail, but I have found that it tends to fill with water in the shower. The Kevin Murphy product is on the surface a prettier package, a unique looking square container with a ‘clip-release’ lid, in a pretty ‘dirty lavender’ shade – modern, stylish packaging, top marks – and if anyone knows a nail varnish in the same colour, please let me know as I would LOVE it!…
Round one: Kingsley wins.
Round 2: Smell

Personally, smell is pretty important in a product to me so I always consider this in reviews. In the case of these masque the smell is pretty ‘meh’, the Kingsley one doesn’t really smell of anything and the Murphy one has quite a herby, almost ‘peppery’ smell. Don’t get me wrong, I love pepper, but not really on my hair.

Round two: draw

Round 3: Results

The final round, the all important results. Firstly, to cover the application for a moment, both masques are the ‘scoop and apply’ type of product, which is fine but a little messy. It would be nice to see more masques being sold in easier to use packaging. Texture wise, the Kingsley mask is a bit lighter with Murphy being creamier. The Kinglsey mask has something quite ‘plastic-ey’ and artificial about it, that to be honest I wasn’t keen on.

There is a difference in how you use these two masques, the Kingley product is applied BEFORE shampoo, but the Murphy one is AFTER. I do like the Murphy masque and it did soften my hair but not so much that I would recommend it to friends, the Kingsley masque does give really good results – soft and smooth hair, that feels silky but also strong and not so silky that it wont hold a style – but I am quite put off by how it feels to apply. It almost feels like it is just creating a plastic coat to hair rather than actually soaking in. Very hard to describe I’m afraid, but hope you get an idea of what I mean.

Round three: Kinglsey wins on effect, but gets penalty points for the ‘artificial’ feeling….

RESULT: Tough fight, but the Murphy masque wins, lovely packaging and good results but the smell isn’t great. Kingsley was a close runner up, great results but looses out to my superficial judging style…(packaging and smell!)
**The small print**
Both of these products were sent to me to review.

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  1. Get Lippie
    November 20, 2009 / 7:25 pm

    Rococo have a nail varnish in EXACTLY that colour, can’t remember what it’s called though, I was umming and aahing over it earlier today!

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