Bubble bath related musings.

Aren’t long bubble baths wonderfully indulgent?

I’m addicted to them at the moment – really can’t get enough. There is nothing that is more relaxing than a soak in a tub filled with yummy smelling bubbles.

I never used to be a fan of baths – probably due to living in shared houses where it tended to be a little TOO long between cleaning… or being in a flat with a non full sized bath. But since moving into my own flat (with the boyfriend) and especially through the recent cold snap I’ve been having baths every day. They are the perfect way to relax, have some ‘me’ time and a bit of much needed pampering in miserable January.

Of course, the fact that I still have a sack load of Lush goodies that I bought in the sale has helped but I just wanted to share my thoughts on the wonders of baths. Make the most of them people!


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