Lip lifesaver: Blistex Relief Cream

I very rarely get ill and when I do it ALWAYS seems to manage to be when it’s a holiday or weekend. So, when I came down with a cold over Christmas I was hardly surprised. It wasn’t anything dramatic, just a pain in the bum to get a cold over the holidays.

It also brought with it a series of beauty-issues that I could have done without. Including dry flaky skin around my nose (due to constant tissue-action) and really dry, sore lips – from having to breathe through my mouth at night (thanks to a bunged up nose). Pleasant. I have been using a couple of products to tackle these issues, including Johnson’s Baby Moisturising Cream for my nose (and randomly the Clinique All About Eyes rich moisturiser… hey, whatever works) and these have been helping with the crusty nose situation. But I have one product that really needs raving about.

Blistex Relief Cream. Thanks to my cold, my lips were REALLY dry and REALLY sore (on the plus side, it meant that they were very red and a bit swollen – I have always wanted plumped lips) but the pain and discomfort wasn’t worth it, so I had to find a solution. So I reached for my faithful tube of Blistex Relief Cream which completely solved my dry lip problems.

I was amazed by how well it worked – one application made my lips feel instantly soothed and nowhere near as sore. The cream really did work so quickly, and around 3 applications and my lips were feeling back to normal. I think that’s pretty amazing – as soon as my lips are back to normal I can switch back to a day to day lip balm. I love the minty-menthol tingle of the Relief Cream and the texture is light and creamy and absorbs easily but with something like this it’s all about the results – it does as it says on the tube, and that’s good enough for me.

I bought this product myself and will definitely buy it again – I recommend it for anyone who suffers from dry lips, either regularly or occasionally. It’s a great product to have on standby, just in case. The only down side with this tube is that if you squeeze it too hard you will be stuck with an un-stoppable stream of product – so squeeze gently!


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  1. January 3, 2010 / 7:12 pm

    Glad it helped. My saviour when I have a cold and during winter is Elizabeth Arden’s eight hour cream – great for lips and the dry skin round nose issue.

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