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As you may already know I have been doing a month long trial of Power Plate sessions at Harrods. For those of you (like me) who don’t tend to spend all that much time shopping in Harrods, you can find the studio on the fifth floor, where all the sports equipment is sold. Tucked away behind a coffee shop is the Power Plate studio.

The studio has four plates and two changing cubicles. There are no showers or other facilities, as you don’t need them. Because there are only four plates, it means that there is only ever a maximum of four people in a session. Small classes are great for things like Power Plate as the exercises are simple but they need to be performed correctly to get the full benefit – as I have been told by the trainers – ‘It’s very easy to do some of these moves wrong, meaning it wont pull, stretch or hurt at the time, but it also means you don’t get any benefit.’

The trainers at the studio are really good at helping you to perfect your technique to each move – making sure you are doing them right so you get the best results. Small differences, like making sure you pull your bum in when doing push-ups (rather than sticking your bum in the air) mean that you work your abs more rather than just putting strain on your back and arms. These are the sorts of tips that apply regardless where you are doing the move – on the plate, or in the comfort of your own home. So I have found it really useful.

Now, I am no gym expert or personal trainer – so of course do not take these descriptions as a how-to. But I thought I would do run down on my personal favorites from the past month. Check the collage (may need to maximise to see them properly) for pictures. All of which can be done without a power plate by the way.

Move 1: Tricep Dips

Simple move to help banish the bingo wings. With arms being my major problem area this is definitely my favorite move. Basically you hold yourself over the edge of the plate (or a chair/bed/sofa), then gradually lower and raise your arms, so your body weight offers resistance.

Move 2: Plank with knee crunches (not the technical term)

Another straight forward move which can be very easy if not done properly. Holding your weight on your arms in a push-up type position you then bring alternate knees to your chest. This is one move where the small change of not sticking your bum out means you work your abs loads more.

Move 3: Push up

Another simple move, hold your bum in means work for the tummy and the arms. Another fantastic one for the bingo wings if you move the hands closer together makes this work the backs of the arms. Definitely a trick I will be taking with me beyond the end of the course.

Move 4: Stomach twist with a medicine ball (another non-technical term)

One for the tummy, sitting on the plate you lean back and lift the legs slightly – to use your abs to hold the position. This one is taken up a notch by the addition of a medicine ball which you can either hold and twist to touch at either side – keeping your eyes on the ball to make sure you work the waist rather than just moving your arms.

SO there we have it, my four favorite moves to far. I also really like doing the stretches and lunges (I just wrote lunches instead – Freudian slip maybe?) but these are the slightly more satisfying.

Of course, do remember I am no expert so check with a professional before trying any of this at home (or at a gym).

I have another couple of weeks to go now before I finish the trial. I will then make sure I do a body test again (I did this before my first session) and will share the results to let you all judge for yourselves the results.

Also, do let me know what you think about these body/exercise related posts. I know they are a bit of a diversion from make-up, but I personally still consider it all part of beauty – but would love to hear what you think??

**The Small Print**

The trial period was provided free of charge. All opinions are honest and my own – I have not been paid nor am I associated with Power Plate.



  1. March 31, 2010 / 8:24 am

    You would probably get the same workout, or more, in a BodyPump class at a gym. They check you are doing the exercises correctly and the activity is more fun and motivation is higher in a group. Plus you do it to tunes. 😀

  2. March 31, 2010 / 9:09 am

    I’ve tried a PP before but only by myself and felt like it COULD work wonders but that I was probably doing it all wrong so a small class of 4 sounds perfect! Wonder what the results will be for you xx

  3. March 31, 2010 / 10:20 am

    I do want to try a BodyPump class – the PowerPlate sessions have really given me a taste for regular exercise. Although my only concerns with the class are that they aren’t quite as convenient!

    Really looking forward to finding out the results! Will show if it’s all in my head or if it’s actually made a difference.

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