Boots No7 Autumn Limited Edition: preview

As I write this, I have just got back from the Boots No7 Autumn Limited Edition Colour Rebellion Collection and I thought I would give a quick sneaky peak at some of the bits that really excited me.

Firstly, I felt very privileged to meet Lisa Eldridge, Celebrity Make Up Artist and Creative Director for No7. She is a genuinely lovely person and clearly incredibly talented make-up artist. She is also a fellow blogger and you can check out her blog HERE.

So, Lisa gave me a personal intro the the various Limited Edition pieces and the new additions to the general collection. The stand out pieces for me are:

– Stay Perfect Matte Top Coat
– The Smokey Eyeliner (not pictured)
– The Exceptional Definition Mascara
– The Colour Rebellion Eye Palette

I don’t love matte polishes in general, I find they chip too easily to be worth wearing – but I do like the idea of being able to transform colours I already have into matte versions. My nail varnish collection just doubled with the addition of one polish… exciting and worrying. This isn’t the first matte top coat on the market, but it is one of the first high street versions. Will give this one a test and see how it fares – I bought ‘poolside blue’ recently (with the help of one of the £5 till spits) and Lisa specifically mentioned she thinks the matte top coat works well with this to give it a slightly edgier/autumn look.

The smokey eyeliner, now this has me very excited – it’s a totally different sort of liner. It reminds me of the Guerlain kohl – it’s a sort of powder liner, but applies with no drop out for an instantly smokey look – no smudging/blending required. I had a play with this on the back of my hand today and as soon as it is applied it doesn’t smudge or budge at all – I don’t have one at the moment to test out but I am looking forward to these being released.

No7 have had some pretty mixed success with their various mascara releases – I do still wonder what they were thinking when they released the one with the square bits on the wand…. but I think the newest one has the potential to be quite impressive. The wand is a mixture of three wand types – it has a ball at the end (like L’Oreal Telescopic Explosion or Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes) plus the length of the wand has a side with short dense bristles and one with a longer, wider spaced ones – so with one wand you can easily coat top lashes, bottom lashes and the corners. I am really looking forward to giving this a test – I love a good mascara.

Last, but not least is the four colour palette – with a bit of a jungle theme, the four colours are bright and the shadows intensely pigmented with great colour payoff. Which isn’t something No7 has been known for in the past, so this is potentially a real stand out product. The bright colours might not be for everyone, but they are all rich jewel-toned shades that are perfect for Autumn. This was another one I had a play with and all colours are so bright – the blue and purple really stood out. I actually really like the green shade and can see myself using this as a liner colour with otherwise neutral shades.

Lisa had created a really stunning look on a model at the event – using the burnt orange on the lid and the purple underneath. It sounds scary, but it looked great (probably helps that the model was gorgeous of course). Sorry I don’t have any pictures for you – my camera decided to die on me at the event so I only have post event pics for you.

Also coming soon to select Boots stores across the country is the ‘No7 Beauty Boutique’. As seen in many a department store, Boots is adding to it’s repertoire a series of micro-salons where you can pop in for a series of treatments including eyebrow shaping (wax or threading), false lash application, lash tints, and No7 manicures. The threading will cost £12, which is pretty reasonable for an in-store treatment – where they often cost up to £25. This service is launching at five stores across the country from June:

Meadow Hall, Sheffield,
thecentre:mk, Milton Keynes,
St Davids Shopping Centre, Cardiff,
Drake Circus Shopping Centre, Plymouth,
Westfield, London (from August).

I got to sample the treatments and had some false lashes applied. I have never worn falsies before, not for lack of trying – every time I have tried before I have ended up with stray lashes falling across my face before I even leave the house. So I am finding the feeling of wearing false lashes a bit odd, not totally comfortable – but they do look great. I feel a bit like Bambi, with fluttery doe-lashes.

The lash application will cost £10 and includes the price of the falsies – I think this is a bargain for feeling a bit special on a night out.

The Autumn/Winter stuff will be in stores from August (yep, A/W in high summer… go figure) so keep an eye out then.

**The Small Print**

Bits mentioned have been provided free for review, although this isn’t a review – just a bit of a preview/heads-up. For the sake of being clear though I should say they were free. So they were free. The end.



  1. Em
    May 15, 2010 / 9:47 am

    Love the look of those eyelashes! £10 is an absolute bargain.

    The eyeshadows look gorgeous too, especially the purple shade. Might have to make a little trip to Boots…

  2. Lina
    May 15, 2010 / 10:13 am

    Oh, I’m so gutted I missed this event! Lisa’s never done a demo at the previous ones! The beauty bar sounds brilliant. Oh well, DYING to try the smokey eye liner. xx

  3. GlamSam
    May 15, 2010 / 11:51 am

    Hey… i didn’t know you’d be @ No7 press event otherwise i’d have kept an eye out for you!! I can’t w8 to try out the eyeshadows… they’re so different to anything No7 has done xx

  4. salon Norwich
    May 21, 2010 / 3:55 am

    I so love the look on that. It looks so chique!

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