The new face of Pantene Aqua Light: Cat Deeley

You know those women who have it all – they are gorgeous, intelligent, and funny – yep? Hate them too? You’re not alone. The worst thing is when you meet one of these people and you really don’t hate them – in fact, they are lovely and you kinda want them to be your friend.

One of those people is Cat Deeley – who is the new face of Pantene Aqua Light. She is truly gorgeous – in that fantastic healthy way, rather than the skinny bean way plus she is totally down to earth.


As if that wasn’t enough – the most envy-inducing thing about Miss Deeley has to be her long, glossy, honey coloured, perfectly highlighted locks. There are no words to explain how much I want her hair. Pantene have made a fantastic choice to appoint her as the ambassador for the brand.

So, they have a great face of the brand, but are the products any good? Well, I have pretty much the ideal hair to test the range on – fine and prone to being weighed down easily. The shampoo and conditioner promise to avoid all the typical problems that have been associated with the normal formula Pantene (my words, not theirs!) including the issue of too much silicone making hair feel initially smooth and lovely but after a while the build up leaves hair lank and flat.

The Aqua Light range isn’t silicone free, but uses more advanced particles that are smaller and ‘clean rinse’ rather than being left behind weighing hair down. I’m no scientist so this is as technical as I can be – but essentially it’s designed to leave hair light and swishable (their word, not mine).

The range includes a shampoo, a lightweight conditioner, an intense conditioner and a leave in spray. I have been using a combination of all four of these for a while now (I’m losing track of exactly how long as I have been writing up the reviews a little after switching to a new brand) this one I am still using and I am impressed. The shampoo and either of the two conditioners manage to leave hair clean and not flat – big win. I don’t have much to differentiate between the two conditioners – I don’t feel the intense one is all that much more moisturising than the normal version. The shampoo feels almost deep cleansing – but doesn’t leave hair too dry.

As I write this my hair is drying (naturally) from a no-poo shampoo (a wash but only using conditioner) using the intense conditioner. My hair feels light and definitely far less weighed down than it would be normally.

So all good right? Yep, almost 100% positive – only down side is that my sensitive scalp is being a little bit funny with me since using these. I am automatically coming to the conclusion that it is this set but it’s worth remembering that I have changed hair routine a lot over the last six weeks so it’s hardly shocking that my scalp is having a bit of a hissy fit.

The other thing I haven’t mentioned is the leave in spray – this is probably the product that stands out to me the most. Not necessarily for the results, but it smells gorgeous. The ‘proper’ use of this is a little unclear – it could be a leave in conditioner, or it could be used to refresh day old hair between styling. I’ve been using this as a leave in before drying my hair, mostly for the smell.

I can’t promise the Aqua Light range will give you hair like Cat Deeley, but if you suffer from lank life less hair because your hair gets weighed down easily – then this could be the swish-tastic answer!

Pantene Aqua Light is available from supermarkets/Boots/Superdrug (currently half price in Sainsbury’s)

Shampoo £2.99 250ml £3.69 400ml
Light Conditioner £2.99 250ml £3.69 300ml
Intensive Conditioner £3.99
Spray £3.99

** The Small Print **

Products in this review are PR samples provided for review.


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  1. July 28, 2010 / 7:08 pm

    oh GOD i have serious hair envy – so UNFAIR!! i have ridiculously fine hair – but only lately, in the past few months. repeated colouring and I think the pill (or so ive read) have made my hair thin. Iv been trying all sorts, expensive stuff and cheap stuff but now my hair is soooooo dry.uh! *sob sob* might give these a go. I definitely agree shes a great spokes woman for the products, I can see ladies rushing to buy these in hopes of looking like her!

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