Dermalogica, Jane Wurwand and inspirational women.

I’m not going to go all happy clappy on you all and suggest a group hug. But I did want to post something following an event I went to earlier this week at the Dermalogica store near High Street Kensington.

There were mixed views on the set up of the evening but I felt it was very positive. Sure, there were some flaws in the set up, but they didn’t detract from the over all feeling I had of being motivated and inspired by the messages in the (albeit rather long) speech from Dermalogica founder, Jane Wurwand.

I won’t try to quote her directly (although I did actually make specific notes!) but generally the message was that you can do whatever you want to set your mind to – as a business woman, entrepreneur and human being in general. Plus she spoke about how beauty isn’t about panpipes and being surrounded by rose petals – skin care is a functional thing. Yes, it impacts on our feeling of being beautiful – in a major way – hence why there is a range like Dermalogica out there to deliver a purely functional product that promises true results rather than some sort of mystical experience of being drifted away to a tropical island and massaged by fairies.

I found it refreshing and interesting to hear about a brand that I was aware of, but never really caught my attention.

Following the speech we were taken through some of the Dermalogica ‘hero’ products and whilst the Dermalogica therapist who was showing us these could have benefited from a bit of a heads up that we are beauty enthusiasts and do generally know a bit (self taught) about the ingredients/science behind skin care… It was interesting. Being able to use the products gave a bit of a taster for which might be suitable, how they work and what makes them stand out.

Favourites from the testing session for me were:

– PreCleanse
– Daily Microfoliant
– Daily Resurfacer
– Skin Smoothing Cream

I do have samples of a couple of products to test out on a longer term basis and will report back once I have given them a fair go.

But before I head off (to dry my hair and actually go to work…) I wanted to mention a quote than Jane included in her speech that really resonated with me and I wanted to share. It’s from Madeline Albright, US Ambassador to the UN (1993-1997):

“There is a special place in hell reserved for women who don’t help other women.

I like it. Worth remembering sometimes I think (although I should probably add I’m not religous but the idea of there being a bad place for that type of person works for me).

Anyway – Happy Friday all.

**The Small Print**

Event held by PR company.


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  1. August 8, 2010 / 10:19 am

    Good review of the day, detailing good and bad points. The precleanse is amazing and daily microfoliant is just as special.

    Boy, do I love the quote?! That makes me think beauty bloggers have a place in heaven (if there is one) given the amount of help we give women on products etc.

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