Facemask Friday: Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energising Mask

I love a good face mask, but I find them a bit difficult to review. Because of this I have build up quite a backlog of masks I have been trying out over the last few months, so decided to start a semi-regular post on here of ‘facemask fridays’. This is partly because I love alliteration and partly because Friday has become my unofficial pampering day (as long as I’m not out after work) – you know the routine, bath, scrub, de-fuzz, face mask, deep condition – then fake tan and nails if I’m going all out.

So to start off with I thought I’d review quite an unusual face mask that I have been using a few times a month for a while now: Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energising Mask.

This mask is based on the well known Bliss Oxygen Facial that they offer in salons and promises to be a ‘super-quick-fix for dull, tired skin’. I’d have to agree with that – it’s a fantastic quick fix. Although I talked about the whole Friday-pampering thing a moment ago, this isn’t a mask I would use for that – it’s one that I use in the morning (even on a week day) as a five minute treatment if my skin is looking dull and rubbish. It’s so fast to do that I don’t have any issue using it whilst I get ready for work – especially good on those days feeling a bit worse for wear…

About the mask, it’s an unusual texture when first dispensed – a lightweight orange gel (as you can see in the pic above). Then when massaged into damp skin (I prefer using it on slightly drier skin as find the effect ‘clings’ a bit better) it foams/fizzes up to create a layer of bubbles. I find that the wetter the skin the larger the bubbles, but the quicker they disappear, so I think it works best on either dry or very almost dry skin (as in not wet rather than skin type).

Whilst on the face I can feel a slightly tingly, fizzing sensation as the bubbles burst. After five minutes you rinse it off and follow with toner and moisturiser. I have to agree about the need for toner as it can sometimes feel like there is residue left behind.

Post-use my skin feels fresh and like the circulation has been pepped up a notch. It tends to look a little pinker, but in a ‘circulation boost’ way, rather than ‘irritated skin’ way. It also always feels soft and not at all dried out. This isn’t a deep cleansing mask, but it is good if your skin is dry/dull and you want a quick fix. Good for pre-nights out or as a skin hangover cure (I will be using this one quite a lot through the festive period!)

The Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energising Mask costs around £38 (for 100ml which will last AGES) and is available from Boots.com and other stores – just google the name (can get it for around £34/35 on some sites apparently)

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PR sample for review.


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  1. Kat
    November 5, 2010 / 10:38 pm

    So tempted to pick it up for *those* mornings.l You know the kind I mean I’m sure, hehe. Been having too many of ’em lately.

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