Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex II

Firstly, the award for the longest name in skincare has to go to this product….it’s a bit of a tounge-twister, so from now on I will refer to it as ANRII for the sake of simplicity! This is kinda a big deal, it’s the re-launch of a cult classic from Estee Lauder. Advanced Night Repair is a much loved and raved about product already and now they’re launching a new and improved ‘mark II’ version….

stay cool at night

So what’s new about this re-launched cult classic? Well the new addition is what they call ‘ChonoluxCB™ Technology’. Which is basically an addition to the existing formula that is shown to allow mature skin cells to mimic the repair cycle that naturally occurs overnight and is stronger in younger skin (you know all those late nights that didn’t show in your late teens/early twenties…that’s why).

I’ve spent this evening learning all about the impact of sleep on the body and skin and the research that Estee Lauder have been conducting to study this. Apparently those who are classed as ‘poor sleepers’ (those with five or fewer hours sleep per night on average) are shown to have reduced barrier function, which means their skin doesn’t hold on to water as well as that of those who get decent nights sleep. This manifests itself in uneven skintone, fine lines and reduced elasticity – and overall, lack of sleep = accelerated ageing.

Now, I’m no scientist – but I have been using this nightly (and sometimes daily) since the start of July and can really vouch for the fact my skin is looking and feeling good. It feels hydrated, even around my notoriously dry eye area and it’s felt even and not too hormonal over the past few weeks. My skin has almost veered over into ‘normal’ rather than combination/dry skin for the first time in a while – it’s felt very much more balanced than it normally does. Overall, I’m really happy with it and see this serum being a constant feature for the forseable future. I have been using this at both day and night, but especially at night I love it as part of my current favourite combo, which is the ANRII serum followed by my Eucerin Hyaluron Night Cream – soft skin dream team.

Along with learning about the product, we also got to listen to a few special tips on how to get a good nights sleep from Dr Guy Meadows PHD from The Sleep School who specialise in helping people get a good nights sleep, naturally (30% of the UK population has insomnia or another type of sleep disorder!). His top tips for nodding off include:

1. Let go of the props – if you tend to rely on a glass of wine, a twitter reading session, a radio, whale noises…etc to sleep. Then your brain will become reliant on those things and overtime will start to ‘need’ them. For decent sleep, try loosing the props and distractions.

2. Be Mindful – this is one I’m really guilty of. But focus on being in the present rather than worrying about the future or stressing over the past. Try and focus on your breathing and really be ‘in the moment’, allow your mind to wander…but then bring it back to focussing on that moment.

3. Save Energy – Relaxing in bed is better than getting up and pacing around. If you can’t sleep, do the next best thing and relax – save your energy or you will feel increasingly exhausted.

4. Welcome thoughts and emotions – Sometimes at night is when your mind goes into overdrive, don’t worry about this. Let it happen and accept them. It’s during sleep (REM) that your brain helps sort/filter emotions so let this happen rather than adding extra worry by worrying about the fact that you’re worrying…!

5. Timing is important – One big tip that Dr Meadows shared was that you may not need to focus as much on the time you go to bed, but try and lock down the time you get up each day. This will help regulate your body clock, even if your going to sleep time is less consistent.

Above all else…get yourself a bottle of ANRII… so when you maybe can’t get quite enough beauty sleep at least you can help your skin look like you did! I for one though am a big fan of sleep and will always try to get my fill (plus a nice nap if I can at the weekends!).

Available now from Debenhams

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  1. beano54
    July 30, 2013 / 10:52 am

    Great review sounds amazing
    Would love to try a sample before buying but am housebound

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