L’Oreal Sublime Bronze: Review

Hands up if you’re back on the tanning band wagon since we’re actually having a Summer?! Yep, me too. I tend to jump on and fall off about as regularly as the weather changes here, but for the past few weeks (for anyone reading who isn’t based in the UK) we have actually been having a decent run of weather. A proper heatwave (temperatures above 30degrees) and very little rain.

It’s changed slightly recently in that it’s cooled a little and we have had some thunder storms to break the heat, but overall – I think it’s actually reminding me what summer is like. So jeans have been shunned to the back of the wardrobe and legs are out! So along with that I have been testing a few different tanning products – including the L’Oreal Sublime Bronze range…

Loreal sublime bronze

What I like about this range is that it’s not just a tanning range, they also have the prep side covered too. I seem to find it actually quite hard to find a scrub that’s truly suitable for pre-tanning prep (ie doesn’t contain an oil base) and this is my new favourite. Firstly, it smells amazing – and reminds me of a perfume I used to have but can’t quite out my finger on the name of. But this scrub is great, it has the little scrubby beads but also contains AHA for a gentle exfoliating action. It also foams a little when you use and doesn’t just rinse away at the first hint of water. All in all – totally love this as a prep for tanning scrub and really recommend.

Then there’s the moisture side, there’s also another body lotion (not pictured) with a gold label that contains oils to keep skin hydrated when you have applied the tan. Basically makes a lotion alternative to the Body Oil Spray. The body oil spray contains four different oils to keep skin soft – and comes with a spray, so minimal mess (although don’t use on a lino/tiled/potentially slippery floor…. makes it a bit like an ice rink) I’ve been using this as an overnight body treatment – especially on knees, feet, elbows and shins – all areas that get particularly dry for me. It’s nice, doesn’t particularly smell of anything and does leave skin soft. Obviously don’t use this pre-tanning as oils stop the colour from absorbing…

Another good day to day prepping product is the Firming Body Lotion that contains Ceramide and Collagen. It does a great job at making skin look and feel soft and smooth very quickly. Again, it’s not one for directly before tanning but for overall skin maintenance it’s lovely. Big bottle and pump give it a few extra brownie points from me too.

On the actual tanning front from this range, I actually didn’t fare quite as well. I decided to give the new ‘Dark Tan’ spray a go. Thinking ‘What’s the worst that could happen…’. Well, despite what I thought… the worst case scenario of coming out the shade of a mahogany chest of drawers didn’t happen. I was actually quite disappointed at how pale the colour was. Maybe I didn’t apply enough, but I’ve done enough self tanning over the years to think I have the application bit pretty much sorted. On me, the colour was barely noticeable – I will give it another go, maybe I need to layer it up or something…?

On the face spray though I do really like it – the colour is subtle. But on my face that’s what I want. It ads an even all over glow, and I like to use this as a ‘top up’ for whatever other tan I’m using on my face in between applications. But it is one that you just spray on, and it dries instantly so very quick and easy to use.

Overall – for me the winners in the Sublime Bronze range are the prep and maintenance products with my number one recommendation being the Exfoliating Scrub. Love it!

Available from Superdrug (from £6.99)

PR samples. 



  1. July 30, 2013 / 7:36 am

    Might look into the face spray. I always find it hard to find a decent face tanner!

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