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If you’re a regular reader of this blog or follow me on twitter then you probably already know I’m engaged and getting married next Summer. I haven’t really talked about it too much over the past few months as firstly, there’s not really been a whole lot to talk about so far! And secondly, I didn’t want to bore anyone senseless too far in advance – but I did want to touch on a bit of Wedding Inspiration beauty type stuff.

I promise this wont become a fully fledged wedding blog but I will be throwing in a few wedding related posts or mentions over the coming months leading up to it – mainly because it will be on my brain a bit and I’ll be starting to think about the beauty side of things early on – I don’t want to be messing around testing skincare in the weeks running up to it or trying some crash diet…so beauty/body wise I’m trying to plan in advance and really get the skincare/exercise stuff nailed well in advance to avoid last moment panics.

Beyond all of that I have been having a little flick through Pinterest (you can follow my pinning activities here: beautyjunkieldn pinterest) and have been collating a range of beauty inspiration for the day. So far I’m leaning towards loose waves, glowy skin and long lashes as the general look – I want to look like the best possible version of me on the day (but that doesn’t mean I wont be partial to some helping hands in the form of hair/lash extensions, a spray tan and possibly teeth whitening…)

wedding beauty inspiration

So along with looking at pretty pictures and thinking about that all important question of hair up or down!? I also want to know your thoughts on bridal beauty…

Is your wedding day a time to do what you want or stick to the classic beauty rules?

Would you wear something not as traditional yourself – coloured nail varnish? Bright lipstick?

Are you married – what look did you go for on your big day and is there anything you wish you had done differently?



  1. Grace
    September 27, 2013 / 10:21 pm

    I work on weddings all the time and see so many different tastes resulting in really varied looks. Most tend to go with the really traditional approach, with simple, demur make up and loose romantic up dos and curls in the hair. Loose waves are really nice, its just that you have to consider the length of the wedding day… waves can drop and look quite messy in pictures towards the evening time.

    Best thing to do is go from what your dress is like. If it is a simple design then go for curls and texture with your hair, if it s an intricate design with lace and frills etc then keep things simple… same goes for makeup really too.

    This is all just my professional opinion though, ultimately it is your big day and you should choose what you really love and want to look like 🙂 Hope thats helped!xx

  2. Lorraine
    September 28, 2013 / 7:14 am

    I got married at Christmas last year I did a loose messy bun make up was traditional lips nude. French polish on fingers but I wore bright purple shoes. I would try not to get too bogged down. I went with my usual hairdresses so was happy that I knew him. Brought loads of pics and combined a few to create a style I loved. I did a soft smokey eye.

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