Korres Kumquat Body Butter and Shower Gel: Review

Korres is a brand that I have heard a lot about, but not tried until very recently, when I was approached by their PR and asked if I would like to. Of course, I was excited to test out a brand that I had heard good things about.

I was sent the Kumquat Body Butter and Shower Gel to test out. The scent is described as ‘bittersweet’ with the effect as ‘awakening’, perfect – since it is proving a little difficult to drag myself out of bed on these colder winter mornings…

The packaging of the Korres products is nice, but not anything spectacular. To me, it doesn’t look like a product that would ‘jump out’ at me on a shelf and make me want to buy. I do however, like the pump dispenser on the body butter packaging, most body butter comes in the standard tub that you have to ‘scoop’ your fingers into to get the product out. The pump applicator is much more practical for a daily body-butter user, like myself.

The smell of both the shower gel and the body butter is delicious, bittersweet is really the perfect description. The smell has managed to capture the perfect juicy sweet and bitter citrus essence of the Kumquat and is a lovely refreshing way to wake up for a morning shower.

Something that is worth noting on both of these products is that the scent doesn’t last. This can be both a positive and a negative, depending on what you are looking for. This is a great thing if you want something that just wakes you up and is more of a ‘shower experience’ but then doesn’t linger and interfere with your perfume.

The downside is that if you like the smell and want it to last, then you will be disappointed with these.

I fall more into the ‘shower experience’ category, so this works for me. It wakes me up and smells delicious, but then I can move on to getting dressed without the worry that I will smell part Chanel, part Kumquat.

The price is higher than high street obviously, but not as high as I expected – £7 for the shower gel and £11.50 for the body butter. Based on a weeks daily usage of both, the shower gel is better value for money as I have only used about 1/8 of the bottle, whereas in the same time I have already worked through about 1/3 of the body butter tube.

Onto the burning question – would I repurchase (or buy replacements when the ones I was sent run out)?

Yes, and no.

I would probably repurchase the shower gel as I really enjoy the shower experience but no, I wouldn’t repurchase the body butter as I just don’t feel it works for me, despite liking the pump dispenser, I find the texture to be nice but not amazing as it doesn’t absorb too easily.

On the other hand, this has been a good introduction to the Korres brand and has made me curious to investigate more. I’m particularly keen to try out the lip butter, as at the weekend I was tweeting about needing to find a decent lip balm for winter and a couple of other tweeters suggested Korres as a good brand to try. I’m also quite interested in testing out their colour cosmetics, as I know some people rave about them.
** The small print**
This product was sent to me for review purposes. I did NOT purchase these items with my own money. All reviews remain honest and impartial regardless of the source of the product.

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