New fragrances from Soft & Gentle deodorants

Soft & Gentle have recently released a new range of deodorant fragrances that are a bit more interesting than the usual ‘shower fresh’ scent that is pretty much the standard for antiperspirants these days.

With scents including ‘frozen coconut & peach’ (the orange one in the middle- yum) ‘wild Rose vanilla’ (on the right, not so yum, in my opinion) and ‘passion flower black orchid’ (on the left, another yum) there should be a smell to suit everyone.

They work well as deodorants (they have 24 hour body responsive protection…ooooh) but think they are better for those that don’t really wear perfume as the various scents would end up competing for nose time!

I do like how the bods at Palmolive have done something a bit more interesting to a beauty basic. The coconut peach scent will be a lovely fragrance for summer!

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