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The wonders of the Internet know no bounds. Coming up this week is a fabulous opportunity to get involved in the mysterious ‘behind the scenes’ world of beauty by taking part in Proctor & Gamble’s (P&G’s) first ever live stream. As part of their press open day next week they have decided to use the wonders of the Internet to open this up to more beauty lovers via a live stream with some of their product experts. 

I think this is a great idea as it opens up something that would have only be accessible for those living in or close to London, something I know is a bit of a bug bear for beauty bloggers across the country.  It now means you can log on, get a preview of some of the coming-soon products plus you can ask product experts anything you like, all from the comfort of your sofa.

So here are the details about the live stream event, which is being presented by P&G brand ambassador Emma Willis:

When? Tuesday 7th December at 6pm
Where? http://www.pgbeauty-live.com/ 

How to get involved:

  • Simply click through to the link above
  • Add in your e-mail address
  • Create a password

Simply add in your password, as the email will be remembered. You will then gain access to the stream.  Once the stream is live, you can submit questions to be asked for any brand/ambassador using the comment box below the video window.

Experts on the day include…

  • Caroline Barnes, Max Factor make-up artist (she’s done the make-up for Kylie and Cheryl Cole in the past…)
  • Nicola Joss, hair removal expert for Braun and Gillette Venus
  • Michael Douglas (not THE Hollywood legend Michael Douglas… the creative director for Wellaflex Silvikrin)

Plus many more, there will be experts on anti-ageing skin care, hair colouring, hair styling, dental experts… pretty much any beauty question you have, there will be someone there to help.

I’m going to be submitting a couple of questions for the experts too. I always get a bit stumped when talking to experts face to face and forget anything I wanted to ask, so I’m glad I can write them down here so I don’t have a blonde moment at the time:

– What are your tips for creating the perfect ‘cat eye’ eye liner?
– At what age do you think it’s best to start using anti-ageing skin care?
– Do you have any tips for creating natural looking volume THAT LASTS for fine hair?

Also, if I can squeeze in another question I’d also ask…

– Other than exfoliating, what else do you suggest for preventing ingrown hairs after epilating or shaving?

**This is a sponsored post**
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