Nails of the month: Artistic Colour Gloss Update

Over two weeks since my manicure and my nails are still looking pretty good – still glossy & chip free, other than a small one on the corner of my index finger – if you look closely you can see it in the pic.

Very impressed- for £25 I can have perfect looking nails for over a fortnight, sold! Only reason I now want them removed is the gap at the bottom due to my nails growing.

I actually managed to remove the colour myself, although they do suggest visiting a salon to make it as quick and damage-free as possible. But using the tin-foil, soak-off method it was fairly easy and took about 15mins. Very easy, and a bit of Essie Cuticle Oil later and my nails are good as new.

To see how they looked on the day they were done, see the original post.

For more information on Artistic Colour Gloss visit

Manicure provided by PR for review.


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