Fitness update/ramble

Ok, so it’s been a while since I did a bit of a ramble about diet/health/fitness/weight-loss etc…(in fact, my last post was back in March) so I decided to do a catch up type of post.

In March I mentioned the following things I was going to try as part of my ‘healthier living’ type of goals.

Joining the gym

Yes, I did join and for about a month I went fairly regularly. Then life decided to get in the way and the habit has trailed off. I need to pick this back up again as my cardio fitness is at such a poor level that my grandma could easily out run me at the moment. I’m not exaggerating, it’s shocking.

Looking at my eating habits/Weight Watchers Pro Points*

Again, I’ve been a bit of a fail when it comes to Weight Watchers – my attention vanished and I slipped back into just eating pretty much whatever.

I do think my eating habits are getting better, I don’t think I can eat Pizza every night and remain as a size 10 but I’m just not sure that tracking points works best for me. I tend to focus too much on the ‘you can eat anything’ rather than the point limit. So I’ll eat a bag of crisps and realise I’ve eaten half my points for the day, end up hungry and then eat over my limit.

That all being said, when sticking to the plan I definitely did see the weight drop off in a gradual, healthy way. I think you just need more discipline than me to stay with the plan – I found it hard to fit my social life in with the plan. The best addition to the new weight watchers ‘Pro Points’ plan though is the iphone app, absolute life changer in terms of calculating  how a meal fits with the points.

So the diet battle continues, I’m constantly trying to increase my protein levels and make healthier choices. It’s a work in process, but I’m getting there. If you have any recipes or tips for tasty, high protein meals that are easy to make then let me know!

Rodial’s Crash Diet*

I’ve been a bit of a fail with this, I’ve been meaning to test for ages but keep putting it off!

Power Plates*

I went back to these at the new Selfridges Power Plate studio a few weeks ago. Totally fell in love with them again and have just purchased a pack of 23 more sessions. I plan to do these on a weekly basis and replace my gym membership with them. In the 6 sessions I had at Selfridges the body test showed I had gained 1kg in muscle – in just 6 sessions! Over all, I also lost some weight, just under 1kg. I’ll do another blog post when I’ve done a few more sessions.

Products or services marked with a * provided for PR.


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