Guest review: John Frieda Precision Foam

Jen was looking for guest reviewers a couple of months ago (to test and write about the new John Frieda hair dye) and I said I’d use and review one. Why? Because even though I’m naturally blonde (kind of ashy medium blonde) I’d been dying my hair dark red for the last few years. 

I actually stopped colouring it red at the end of last year and decided that I’m going to gradually dye it blonde. Nice (and perhaps a bit of stupid) thinking there! So I used a light brown dye – my hair definitely became lighter. Then I used a medium blonde one (Garnier Nutrisse) – again, it worked. My hair was getting lighter, woo hoo!

So by February this year my hair was sort of strawberry blondish. There were lots of golden tones (from dying it red) and I was desperate, oh so desperate to lighten it even more. I wanted MY natural hair colour back and when I saw Jen’s post about John Frieda and that one of the hair dyes was Extra Light Beige Blonde, I immediately thought: get in! this is exactly what I need!

The box itself looks like this (and you can get the idea of what the Extra Light Beige Blonde looks like):

One box was enough for my shoulder length hair (my hair’s quite fine though) and it was very easy to apply. Loved the foam and felt it was easy peasy to cover all the roots and ends with it. I left it on for 30 minutes and…

Well, I noticed my hair was looking kind of bright when I had this on my head, but I thought: that’s OK, it just LOOKS like it, it won’t actually BE like it once I’ve rinsed my hair. How stupid am I? Alarm bells should’ve started ringing when I saw the ‘yellowness’, I should’ve rinsed my hair there and then but hey, I suppose I had a blonde moment (ahem!)…

Anyways, onto the result… Here’s what it should’ve looked like:

And the reality? I am sorry, I was so horrified I forgot to take a photo but my hair was yellow. Kind of mildly beigey yellow. This hair dye definitely worked but erm, I was after light beige blonde, not light yellowish beige hair!
I sent my boyfriend out to get me a semi permanent dark brown hair dye and re-dyed my hair (bad I know).

My verdict? You may have better results if your hair is medium blonde-light blonde (similar to what you see on the pic above). But be very very careful if you have any golden tones!!! And perhaps using it after dying your hair red for years and years, is not the most sensible thing to do.

Yes, I had lightened my hair but the red was obviously still in there, somewhere.

I love John Frieda’s shampoos but as for Precision Foam? Um, I might try it again one day. Either in red or brown or maybe, if I bleach my hair, then I might buy a blonde shade again.

Thank you all for reading!


Thank you for your guest review Miss A! You can check out her blog at: 

John Frieda hair dye was provided as PR sample.



  1. sharms
    June 15, 2011 / 9:52 pm

    this really doesnt work without pictures!!!

  2. March 14, 2017 / 3:05 am

    Almost every at home dye is bad for achieving blonde hair. This box only works on virgin very light blonde hair as a booster. For the majority of people, you need to bleach out and then apply a shade as a toner when you want to do at home dye. The shade your toner is will always turn out lighter, therefore select one a few notches above the goal and leave it on a few minutes.

    Someone who does DIY dye and weave/extensions a LOT for friends and family.

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