When I first tried the Naked Truth range, I really wasn’t keen – purely down to the smell. My first impression was that the smell was too overpowering for my personal tastes and there for I wasn’t going to continue to use it. 
Naked Truth Skin Care L-R: Anti Aging Moisturiser, Facial Rehydration Fluid, Eye Cream
But I did, my skin feels good and I actually really like two out of three of the products I have been trying. I really can’t explain the U-Turn here, I guess I just got used to the scent and focused on the fact that my skin feels soft and moisturised. Plus I mainly use these products at night, so as long as I can fall asleep then the scent  became less of an issue (which is really surprising for me, as scent is normally one of the main things I focus on).
But, as I said, there are two out of three products that I’m really enjoying now and another that I don’t love. So will do a break down of each one:
Anti Aging Moisturiser (£28.99 for 50ml)
This is the one of the range I’m not loving. The main reason is the packaging, I don’t love moisturisers that come in a pot, I prefer them in a tube or a pump – they feel more hygeinic and easier to control the amount of product that comes out. The other reason I’m not keen is simply that this is quite a heavy, anti-aging moisturiser so feel it’s just too much for my skin at the moment. 
Facial Rehydration Fluid (£17.99 for 150ml)
I really like this, it’s a light feeling fluid but still manages to really hydrate skin. I love the large bottle that comes with a pump as it’s easy and hygenic to dispense, although the downside of the size is that it’s not travel friendly. The info says that it has UVA & UVB sunscreens but there is no ‘SPF factor’ as far as I can see on the packaging, so I don’t use this alone in the daytime, but at night it’s lovely.
Dr Darren Intensive Care For Eyes (£16.99 for 15ml)
Another one I’m really liking, it’s a light moisturiser, but strangely (for an eyecream) it doesn’t feel as light as the Rehydration Fluid. It does, however, soak straight into skin and has kept my eyes really nicely hydrated. I especially like using this at night as it feels soothing after a long day staring at a computer/laptop screen.
L-R: Naked Truth Anti Aging Moisturiser, Rehydration Fluid, Eye Cream

Value for money wise, the Rehydration Fluid is definitely the stand out for me. I’ve been using these products for one month now and have barely used a 1/4 of the rehydration fluid, despite using at least twice a day. The rehydration fluid is my number one pick from the range.
The Dr Darren McKeown/Naked Truth products are available from Superdrug. There’s also a face mask and cleanser in the range. The cleanser sounds interesting as it apparently contains AHA’s which are a great gentle exfoliator for skin, helping keeping it look fresh and young but without being too harsh.

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  1. Emily
    June 22, 2011 / 6:40 am

    I couldn’t bear the smell either and couldn’t use them I like the concept though.

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