Urban Decay Twisted: NOTD

This is a little bargain that I picked up in the Superdrug branch in Angel. At the perfume counter at the back of the store there’s a basket of Urban Decay polishes (old style) that are all 99p – I picked up two, ‘Twisted’ a shimmering khaki colour and another blue-green shimmer colour which doesn’t have a name sticker on. Bargain for 99p each!

Urban Decay Twisted Nail Polish: With Flash

Urban Decay Twisted Nail Polish: Natural Light

On the downside of them being old style and in the bargain bin it does mean I don’t think they are widely available, but there were loads in the branch I went to so if you are in the Angel area then definitely check them out. Plus, there’s always the Internet – where you can find a whole world of discontinued make-up treasures. I just had a quick search and it’s online for around £3 in various places.

Also, it’s described as ‘a light glittering gold’, which I wouldn’t say is accurate on the bottle I have. It’s glittering, yes (that fine glitter that makes things super shiny rather than chunky glitter) but I’d definitely say it’s more of a metallic khaki shade.

Do you have this colour? How would you describe it?


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  1. June 20, 2011 / 8:33 am

    ooh this looks lovely and what a complete bargain xx

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