Pre-holiday preparation: In Salon

The anticipation of a holiday is *almost* as good as the actually holiday itself (as long as I ignore the mammoth to-do list at work that has to be tackled…) I love an excuse to visit a salon for an all-over spruce up to get me feeling my best in a bikini. Which, to be fair – anything that helps make me feel better in a bikini is a worthy investment.

Of course, I’m not miss money-bags, so I have to make sure it’s just the essentials. If I WAS miss money-bags, I’d go for a full body scrub, fake tan application, gel manicure and pedicure and of course a good bikini wax. Plus maybe throw in one of those clever slimming/anti-cellulite type treatments too… just for good measure. 
But instead of that mammoth package that might require that I actually move into a salon for a holiday, pre-holiday….. I narrow it down to the following ‘essentials’:
– Spray tan
– Pedicure
– Bikini Wax
For my last holiday I visited The Chelsea Day Spa for a spray tan and pedicure package as part of the ‘beach beautiful’ offer they have at the moment. I’d visited the Spa before and really liked the experience so was more than happy to go back for some holiday prep. 

The best thing about this package was how convenient it was, the timing was ideal (I could fit it in in the evening after work) so I went along, my toes were pampered and painted (Jessica ‘Enchantress’ – a bright coral)….warning foot picture to follow! I was going to post the picture I have but I  really don’t like feet pictures so can’t quite bring myself to post it…. so please do take my word for it. It was a lovely colour!
This was then followed by a spray tan. I went for a darker shade than I would normally, to try and avoid my usual albino on the beach look. The spray tan was 90% perfect, other than a couple of dark patches around the feet I was as bronzed and beach ready as I get.
There are a lot of fab offers on at The Chelsea Day Spa at the moment, and had I been more organised I would have booked to pay them another visit before I go away again. But in my typical style I’ve left everything to the last minute…oops! But in case you are interested current deals include:
50% off semi permanent lash extensions
50% strip waxing (mon-fri)
Manicure & pedicure for £29
Brazilian or Hollywood wax £25
I’m also doing a post on at-home prep for holidays, so there’s something for every budget! Which do you prefer – to prep in the comfort of your own home or let someone else do the work?

I was a guest of The Chelsea Day Spa.

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