InStyler hair review

This week I have been trying out this new fancy hair gadget called the In Styler. The In Styler is a slightly bizarre looking contraption that combines a rotating barrel and hair brushy/comb bit in the style of hair straighteners….

It promises to straighten, curl, add volume and shine. So it has potential to be the only hair tool you need, other than a hair dryer. I decided it might be interesting to see exactly how easy a fancy gadget like this is to use, so filmed a little video of me giving it a try for the first time – the video includes a few odd faces from me as I try to get my head around how it all works…

So they were my first impressions of The Instyler. Since I unboxed it and used it for the first time I have been playing with it some more, I’m still finding it a bit difficult to create proper curls. I have gotten the hang of a wavy/volume style but without a doubt straightening is the easiest thing to do with them – it’s an absolute breeze!

Straightening hair with the InStyler takes no time at all, and leaves hair perfectly straight, glossy and nicely combed through so it feels soft. When I use it to straighten I tend to twist slightly to use the barrel to prevent hair from being totally poker straight as this is the finished look I prefer, but it’s just as easy to use to make hair poker straight.

I like how you can use variable temperatures on the styler too, so I can adapt to my hair – I didn’t use it above medium as I have fine hair and higher temperatures are a bit risky with damage.

When it comes to the curling styles I do think this is as much down to my lack of skill when it comes to hair styling – I struggle to use other hair tools to create a curl – I can always do one side fine, but then the other ends up looking wonky! Luckily I don’t wear my hair curly very often! But there are plenty of reviews and tutorials from other (more coordinated) bloggers who can give you a non-clumsy tutorial in how to use the InStyler to curl – but if you want tips on straightening, then I’m your girl!

You can find InStyler online via:

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InStyler is £99.99

You can also use the QR code on the box (using a QR reader on a smart phone) to find tutorial videos online:

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  1. Emma
    December 2, 2011 / 1:27 pm

    Oooh quite tempted! If it worked on my super-thick hair, it would be great for packing for trips away.

  2. December 2, 2011 / 10:52 pm

    You don’t need the plastic protector on it, it just gets in the way. I took it off rather rapidly as anything other than straightening just won’t work with it.

    Also, I have fine hair but I find that the highest heat setting works best for curling etc especially. I haven’t noticed any damage using the higher setting either. xx

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