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I’m a sucker for a palette, especially an amazing value palette with an appealing range of colours… so the Immaculate Collection called out to me – it’s the combination of my beloved neutrals and some interesting brights, all nicely along side each other so it’s easy to almost visualise how they might work together (I think the green and the bronze from the top left would look amazing together… as would the pink and the grey/silver…)

The quality of the shadows does somewhat vary – which I would say is to be expected for the price of £8. The shimmer palettes tend to be better quality than the mattes and some of the shimmers have a bit too much glitter for my taste. But overall, the quality is pretty impressive for £8.

On to the swatcheroonies… a lot to fit on a fairly small arm space I’m afraid, so a little cramped. If there’s any shade you want to see closer up let me know and I’ll add it in.

The shadows on the left of the palette.
The three on the top left are lovely, and two on the bottom left. The white and black took some heavy swatching, hence the slight smudging there – I was running out of room. The rose-gold-esque shade looks better swatched than it did in the pan.

The Shadows on the right of the palette.

I think the golds and bronzes are my favourite, although I’m really impressed by the purple and turquoise/green shades too. The navy and pink from the top right are lovely, very pigmented and the right shimmer/glitter balance. The biggest let down was the mid brown on the bottom row, on the left of the purple – it was just a nothing shade. At best this could be a brow filler for people with paler brows, but it will do pretty much nothing as an eyeshadow. Also, the purple shade next to it – look at it in the pan and then swatched, they don’t look even close to the same colour. Kind of a shame as in the pan it looked like an exciting shade.

Have you been lured in by the temptation of the immaculate palette yet?? At £8…you know you want to!

Available from Superdug.

PR sample.



  1. December 30, 2011 / 8:46 am

    Its a real shame I’m on a makeup ban until the end of March (saving money for my wedding!) as I would love this, £8 for 24 shadows!I love the matte brown 2nd from the right on the bottom row as its very subtle and I think it would be a lovely shade for me to wear everyday as I have brown eyes. If they stuck a few eyeliners in this instead of so many shadows it would be like a poor mans urban decay book of shadows! haha xoxo

  2. heidi
    January 1, 2012 / 6:20 pm

    I got this a few months ago & love it.
    I also have the Heaven & Earth palette, which is fantastic. I’d definitely recommend it! xx

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