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I fell off the tanning wagon recently, I think the crappy weather we have been having in the UK has made me pretty much just give up on the idea that it’s Summer so decided to skip it. But before I did I tried out there two products from Australian brand, Model Co – to mixed results.
First I tried the mousse, as generally mousse is my tanner of choice… my first impressions were amazing. I love the texture, application and scent – I got a bit over excited and started plotting the declarations of a new holy grail… but when I washed off the guide tint in the morning I was left a bit dissapointed. The colour was just too patchy for my liking – the knees and elbows were deep brown, where my shins and arms were basically the same colour I started with. Perhaps this works better if you already have a base tan? But I tried it a couple of times and both times I felt disappointed with the results.
On the other hand, I got on better with the results of the Airbrush in a Can instant bronzing spray – the application was easy, I sprayed and then followed with a buffing mitt and overall the colour was far more even, although still quite a lot darker on dry bits – despite having exfoliated and applied moisuriser as usual to these areas. In terms of ease of use, this is fab – although like all tanning sprays a bit messy! Definitely recommend you apply standing in a bath/shower – I remember making the mistake first time I used a spray and applying just in bathroom and ending up with orange feet after walking all over the droplets that ended up on the flood… Lesson learnt!
I’d love to hear how others got on with the mousse as I was so impressed with the application & texture, just not happy with results!

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