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My eye area is something that I’m a little bit on the obsessed side with (as far as beauty is concerned, it doesn’t keep me awake at night or anything) but it’s something I’m always looking for the next amazing product for. Because of this, I tend to have multiple eye products on the go at any one time and thought a little run down of current eye-loves was in order…
Eve Lom Eye Cream*
This product uses my favourite eye-area buzz word ‘hydration’. It’s my number one issue – more so than dark circles – and I’m always keen to find something that delivers hydration but without being too heavy for the delicate area. This one does veer slightly towards to heavier side of things, but I have found it’s ideal for winter when I need a little extra TLC. In summer I suspect this would be too much for me, but for now – I love it and have been using at day or night, whenever I feel I need a boost.
Clarins Skin Smoothing Eye Mask*
I’ve mention my love of this product before, but had to include it. It’s amazing – either as a refreshing mask for the area or as an intensive overnight treatment. Love it. For more detail you can read my original post HERE.
Ahava Gentle Eye Cream*
Where the Eve Lom veers to the heavy side, this goes the totally opposite way and is really light. This is more of a daytime eye product for me because it sits really nicely under make-up without causing creasing. This feels like a very simple, straightforward product – delivers hydration and feels refreshing for the eye area. A great starter eye cream if you feel like maybe you’re too young for full-on anti-ageing eye cream.
I worry I am repeating myself a little here… but good products are worth repeating yourself for. I adore this – in fact, if Santa could perhaps fill a stocking with the stuff for me, that would be amazing. I use a pea sized amount and just dab around the eyes first then generally all over the face. I am confident it makes a difference as find myself feeling like I need less moisturiser with prolonged use. Again, for my original thoughts on this click HERE.
Artistry Eye Cream*
I recently included this in a post on my nighttime skincare favourites and it still is – it’s an expensive cream and I’m a little scared of it running out so only use sparingly (one small pump is plenty for both eyes) but love this as my current go-to for overnight. 

*PR sample

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