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Black and white moments – when I think of life in black and white, my first thought goes to my comfiest of Nike trainers. They’re black and white and they’re the ones I turn to when comfort is key – when I’m running all over London from events to meetings to random errands. They’re casual, but just about subtle enough I can pull them off for casual meetings. Plus they’re the ones I wore when running a 5k race around New York City back in early November. They’re the ones I turn to for pretty much everything – whenever life gets busy and I can’t be slowed down by uncomfortable shoes – is there anything worse?!

These black & white babies are my go-to. They’re reliable and keep you focussed as they stop you being distracted by something inconvenient like sore feet – much in the way a good deodorant works really! It’s something that’s there and it works and you don’t really think about it when it does – you just focus on getting on with life. It’s only when it fails that you suddenly become super aware of it…that claminess, the worry that means you suddenly start doing the oh-so-subtle overhead stretch (with a little pit-sniff mid stretch…just checking). When it comes to deodorant you want one you can just trust works…. from the actual stopping you sweating, stopping you from getting BO, to stopping white marks or staining.


Nike Trainers* courtesy of JD Sports: Nike Women’s Trainers

Sure Crystal Invisible Black & White: Review

Ah, I remember the days when you basically had to choose a deodorant that was pretty much guaranteed to leave white marks on you… or regardless of how well it worked. Eventually white tops would end up with those dodgy looking under arm marks. But Sure Black & White makes sure those days are now gone! The whole white marks from deodorant thing was always such a pain wasn’t it?! You could be all ready to go, pull on your favourite top and BAM… white marks. Cue – outfit change and kerfuffle to get ready in a rush… getting flustered and putting the deodorant to the test before you even leave the house. But Sure has come to the rescue with it’s Crystal Invisible Black & White deodorant.

Beyond the whole avoid white marks/staining – the next top priority for me in a deodorant is that it smells nice. Not just that it keeps ME smelling nice all day of course – I’d basically expect this as standard. In fact this one is one that the boy stole the other day (he seems to have a tendency to just reach for whatever deodorant is closest…lucky for him I’m not a fan of really floral/girly fragrances) and this is one he noted as ‘like the smell of this’… so plus points from both sexes?!

The thing about this one is that it ticks all the boxes and just does a good job. Which is exactly what you want from a deodorant. Nobody expects it to do something magical really – just for it to work. But as simple as that sounds, not all that easy to find. But top marks go to Sure Crystal Invisible for that – it works, smells nice, keeps me fresh all day (even when in & out of the tube in a coat… this is a total sweat hazard) and avoids the whole white marks/staining awkwardness.

Sure Crystal Invisible Black & White available from Boots/Superdrug etc £3.39 

For more information: Sure Website or Sure on Twitter:

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  1. Josiee
    December 18, 2014 / 12:37 pm

    I really like the Compressed bottles – so handy for your Gym kit!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

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