La Prairie Anti-Ageing Eye and Lip Contour Cream: Review

The end of January is hardly the time to start falling in love with an eye cream that costs over £100. I know, but lucky for me, this love affair dates back to the end of 2013. So in my defence, I didn’t choose the *worst* time in the world to decide that extremely premium ranges are for me. But saying that, is there ever a good time to decide this? Perhaps the day after marrying a millionaire, or winning the lottery. But cost aside – this stuff is impressive. I actually already mentioned it in my November 2013 Favourites video – and it’s been a regular part of my routine for around three months now.

But what is it that’s so good about this La Prairie Eye and Lip Contour Cream*, and what makes it worth the money?

la prairie eye and lip cream

la prairie anti-ageing eye cream review

Firstly, not necessarily a reason it’s ‘worth’ the money, but something to note is the packaging. It’s the simple things, but the lid has a nifty little feature with a magnet – meaning the little applicator nozzle thingy (all technical terms, of course) sticks to it – so no losing of the little wand thing. Which is another thing I like, it’s another small detail – but the little silver ball on a stick thing is how I apply the cream as it has an instantly refreshing, cooling, de-puffing effect. Especially when tired in the morning it feels amazing.

But the packaging alone isn’t enough to make me want to shell out. What’s the cream like? Well it’s fairly thick compared to most eye creams, but when applied it blends in quickly and definitely doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It’s perhaps the texture of a lighter night cream. A little goes a long way and you can use this cream on both lips and eyes. Multi-function always wins votes with me. I like to use it on both at night as a treat. But I also use it on the eyes during the daytime. In fact, this little pot sits in my desk drawer and is the thing I reach for when I need a quick refresh. Sometimes I apply a heavier layer of it to the eyes as a ‘mask’ and let it absorb slowly too.

What is a little odd/interesting is that when I was doing some research to find out more about the ingredients and what is in there that perhaps makes it A) Good and B) Expensive and the website doesn’t really have anything? It tells you what it’s meant to do and what the benefits are, but no real connection to the why and how… which for the price of the products I would like to know rather than just assume it works because of the price?

But from a bit of extra digging beyond the brand site I found some info to say that it includes: the ‘La Prairie Cellular Complex’ (no, afraid I don’t know what that is – but I’m going to try and find out!), liquorice root, olive fruit extract, natural fruit AHA’s for a touch of exfoliation and then the all important hyularonic acid. One of my personal ‘buzz words’ in skincare – if it’s in there, then you have my attention.

So overall, the cream aims to do a combination of slough off dead skin cells to reveal the fresher more youthful skin. Plus add a pop of moisture to keep the delicate eye and lip area hydrated and plumped. And ingredients lists aside, I personally like to judge a product on how much I feel it does it’s job (often checking ingredients after testing rather than before) and in my opinion this is the ideal Winter eye cream. It’s super hydrating, feels refreshing to use and leaves skin feeling plumped and pampered. Yes, it is really expensive – but it’s cheaper and far less scary than botox.

La Prairie Eye and Lip Contour Cream* (£126) available at House of Fraser



  1. January 24, 2014 / 11:55 am

    That one sounds good!
    But I have a question: You say that you like to use it as a refresher but the label says it is after all a anti-aging cream.
    When do you think someone “should” start with anti-aging? (No critic here, I’m really curious :O i’m 23 by the way)
    Besides that £126 is a lot D: but if you say it’ worth it, it might really be moderate. 🙂

    • Jen
      January 24, 2014 / 1:21 pm

      It’s a good question, as some thing prevention is better than trying to fix a problem. But then some anti-ageing products are quite heavy, so not great for younger skin. I think you have to go by your skin type – I have really dehydrated under-eye skin, so started using an eye cream at 22. I think the best thing you can probably do for anti-ageing is SPF in your skincare from a young age and drinking enough water! Then add in the skincare where you feel you need an extra boost?

      No denying, £126 is a lot of money. But thinking that I’ve been using it for around three months now and have only used about a quarter, it would easily last 6-8 months – so cost per month is far cheaper… (girly maths!)

      • January 27, 2014 / 8:35 am

        Haha, yes you are right this makes sense (that it would last longer)
        Drinking water is a personal problem i guess 😀 I force myself to drink more but often I don’t get the right amount :/
        How much do you drink per day?

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