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I’ve been trying out this new Maria Nila Hair Care range for a little under two weeks now and from about day three I knew I wanted to blog it. Firstly, the packaging won me over on first site – it just looks all slick and stylish, but without being dull. The colour is also my favourite shade too, so it was an instant thumbs up.

Maria Nila

Before I get into detail on my thoughts, a little about Maria Nila. The range comes to the UK from Stockholm and is all about protecting hair colour. There are a few core ranges – ‘Soft’ (for dry, brittle hair, with argan oil), Luminous Colour (for, erm… colour), Structure repair (for damaged or ‘tired’ hair), Pure Volume (for fine/flat hair), and Sheer Silver (for blonde, grey and silver hair). Which is all sorts of awesome as each and every of of the ranges appeals to my fine/blonde/damaged hair in one way or another!

So, I’ve been playing with with ‘True Soft’ range. I just love the whole ‘soft’ idea – who doesn’t want soft hair?! It really is a very evocative way of talking about hair as it makes me want to use it much more than if it was more overtly ‘for dry, brittle hair’.Maria Nila Maria Nila


The best thing about the experience of using this range is that it smells lovely and is the sort of range you want to have on display in your bathroom. It’s pretty and along with all that – it does indeed leave hair soft. For me, it is probably a little more hydrating than my hair really needs, so I’ve been opting to alternate with other shampoo and conditioners and used the mask on Sunday for the first time. The mask is probably my favourite actually as my hair just felt lovely after. Clean, soft and silky. I did let it dry naturally, so it maybe didn’t have much by the way of volume but when it smelt so good and felt that soft, who am I to care.

Along with the core hair care line Maria Nila also has some really interesting ‘Colour Refresh’ products. In a range of shades they’re like a tinted colour mask to help refresh your hair colour without the need for a full salon trip.  The pigment in the product is only temporary and it washes out in around 4-10 washes. But it also combines with a mask effect so you get a tint of colour plus condition. A great option for a quick fix if you need freshening up and you’re maybe too short on time or money to do the whole salon thing. Plus the shade range isn’t just the natural ones – there’s some pretty pastel and colour shades in there too. I’m sort of tempted to give ‘Azure’ (minty turquoise blue shade…) a whirl… which I would if I was sure it would wash out easily! It’s harder to tell with natural colours as it’s a more gradual effect!

I’m really loving this Maria Nila hair care range – some non-complicated offerings that appeal to things most people want to sort when you already have coloured hair!

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  1. August 5, 2015 / 10:28 am

    I really want to try these products! I will have to try the silver colour refresh for my blonde hair and the range that helps dry brittle hair. Really love the packaging too! x

  2. August 6, 2015 / 4:47 pm

    I’ve never heard of this brand before, but nowadays there are so many available…

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