Famous Dave’s Gradual 10

I really am such a rubbish fake tanner. Totally inconsistent – I go from about as pale as they come, to having a glow, to letting it wear off on a weekly basis. Sometimes I’m pale for weeks at a time, other times I keep the tanning routine up for longer. But to be honest – fake tanning is up there as one of the biggest beauty faffs there is. I do love the result, but boy is it a hassle.

Which is why my recent love has been this wonder from Famous Dave’s – the oddest name for a fake tan I’ve ever seen. But this Gradual 10, gradual tanner is wonderful.

IMG_4304 IMG_4308 IMG_4309

I find it pretty much fool proof – easy to apply instead of a moisturiser. It’s light so absorbs quickly. But doesn’t have a tint, so minimal mess. I can see a result after just one application, and it’s easy to build -so over two/three days you have a fairly decent colour that’s natural but noticeable.

I don’t feel the need to wear gloves when applying, but I do ensure I wash my hands thoroughly after use. I haven’t experienced any staining or orange fingers yet (fingers crossed) so this is all good. Basically, this removes 90% of the faff of the fake tan process and whilst I will no doubt still hop on and off the tanning bandwagon, this is a great in between for keeping a bit of colour (I do look basically dead without a hint of tan) that’s easy for lazy beauty junkies like me!

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  1. Electric Daisies
    December 20, 2012 / 9:15 am

    I too have such bad experiences in the past using fake tans and tinted moisturizers, but I have seen many great reviews on this and I think I shall have to try it out! OX

  2. December 20, 2012 / 10:36 am

    I’ve been hearing a lot about this, it sounds great! I am also a very lazy fake tanner indeed. I prefer sunbeds, despite the health lectures. I might give this a go!

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