Borghese Body Soak

Borghese is an Italian brand that has found it’s home on the wonderful (and terribly addictive) Cult Beauty. This gorgeous Body Soak will turn your bath from a lovely relaxing zone to a gorgeous blue lagoon of relaxation. When in the middle of London on a grey day – a trip to a blue lagoon is a very welcome escape.

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This stuff doesn’t just turn your bath into a gorgeous teal blue, but it also feels like a dream. Really relaxing and soothing – and leaves skin feeling silky soft with minimal effort and maximum soaking time.

The body soak contains safflower oil and the brand’s signature anti-inflammatory Acqua di Vita Complex which is apparently packed with volcanic minerals and it really does condition skin via a simple soak. One thing about it is that it’s kinda fun to turn your bath turquoise…it’s a little too tempting to keep dropping extra spoonfuls into the running water…just for fun!

Oh, and for those rather OCD/clean ones – it doesn’t stain the tub at all. All the colour rinses away clean.

I love this as a lovely relaxing, but refreshing bath – perfect for lighter nights when you maybe don’t want quite the same level of chill out as you might on colder, darker night – but with the wonderful pampering of a bath.

Borghese is available from Cult Beauty (£25) and as long as you don’t go overboard and keep spooning it in, this stuff will ast for ages!

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