Confident Summer Beauty Essentials

Hello Summer! A couple of warm sunny days of weather have been the perfect reminder of how awesome summer days can be. More of the same soon please, British summertime! But of course, the higher the mercury rises the more it reminds me of some of the sides to summer that means I need to switch up some of my must-have essentials so I’m all set to stay fresh despite sweaty tubes and keeping the glare of the sun from reflecting in the glare of my shiny forehead. Warm temperatures combined with rain can equal muggy days where feeling fresh and confident could be a distant memory. So I wanted to share a couple of my go-to confident summer beauty essentials.

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Antiperspirant – I’m pretty much never without antiperspirant. I don’t know what it is, I like to think I’m not mega stinky or anything but that’s largely because I always know I have an antiperspirant close to hand ‘just in case’ of those less than fresh feeling moments. To be fair, you can be the most frequently showered person in the world and 20 minutes on a sweaty tube will seriously put that freshness to the test.


The latest go-to for me is Sure Maximum Protection Confidence – a must have essential in an easy to apply cream-stick format. It’s all in the name; Confidence. Confident that the thing people remember about you won’t be associated with sweat patches or a whiff of body odour – which 51% of Brits rate as their top beauty/grooming concern*. The best news is that with Sure Maximum Protection you know you have powerful sweat protection even on the hottest of days.

I’ve used the Sure Maximum Protection range before and always felt it just performs and I trust it. It does just give you that feeling of having done a ‘belt and braces’ approach as things get hotter. In fact 9/10 women trust Sure Maximum Protection (based on survey of 208 UK women who tested the product). 


Summer beauty essentials

Did you know that Sure Maximum Protection recently did a survey showing that Brits share an average of three selfies per week – with women turning to a whopping 40 products that they deem as ‘essentials’ to give them the confidence to post*. My personal favourite things about Sure Maximum Protection Confidence is how good it smells (really powdery fresh and not too floral) and how I can use at night or in the morning as part of my daily routine. On days when I plan to head to the gym first thing I opt to apply it at night so I feel a bit fresher before the gym session pre-shower.

A little snap shot of my other confident must-have essentials that I’ll be reaching for on the many, many (fingers crossed) hot days of British summer time ahead! 


Bright Lips – I always love a bright lip in Summer. Either an orange-red or super bright pink always gives me an instant confidence boost. For day I’d opt for a balm-based bright, but for night I’ll go long lasting with Rimmel Apocalips always being my choice for one that doesn’t budge. 

Face Powder – I’ve tried to break an addiction to applying face powder that I’ve had since my shiny-faced teenage years. So most of the time I’ve managed to skip the powder but Summer it becomes an essential. With extra SPF being worn, it means my skin can often be more prone to shine than it is for the rest of the year. I tend to go for more brightening powders than overly mattifying ones. In Summer I sometimes double a powder as a bronzer as I don’t go all over – just just on the areas that catch the sun anyway, as these are the bits that tend to shine too. Two birds with one stone! 

SPF – In recent years I’ve taken to carrying a small tube of SPF product with me. Just in case I am in the sun for any amount of time. My skin is very sensitive and I burn easily so it’s not worth the risk of catching the sun. I always pick up the small sized SPF sprays or bottles when in the US as they’re perfect for popping in the handbag and spritzing on the go. 

*Research commissioned by Sure using independent online research company Censuswide, which polled the opinions of 1,000 people

Post sponsored by Sure.



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