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See what I did there … juicer… instead of juicy… Yeah. I’m too cool. ANYWAY, this post is all about a fab little (actually not so little) gadget from Russell Hobbs that I’ve been playing with and trying to get creative making all sorts of blender/juicy concoctions. So I wanted to share a couple of the blend/juice/press mixes I’ve made and tell you a bit about the other bits and bobs I’ve been experimenting with so far.

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The gadget in question is the Russell Hobs 3 in 1 Ultimate Juicer and it’s pretty nifty. It managed to combine a juicer, press and blender in one. So whilst it might seem like a fairly chunky kitchen gadget – it’s actually all three combined into one. Which means you can create fresh juices, blend smoothies or press fruit with just the one tool. Handy stuff. Especially given that you basically can’t have an instagram unless you post a fresh green juice now a-days… AND you can actually take your instagram green juice to a whole new level by combining all three of the functions to get your juice.

So I’ve been playing with it for a couple of weeks now, experimenting with all sorts of ideas. Trying to make my own tomato juice (I love a Virgin Mary so wanted to see if I could make it fresh at home…), this one didn’t work out so well as I was winging it and not using a recipe at all. Lesson learnt on that one, use a recipe.

So I went with some more typical juiced options – Grapefruit, Kiwi with a touch of lime. Works well, very fresh and feels nice and healthy. In fact, I’m sat here drinking some pink grapefruit juice as a type. So one of my favourite fruity green juice blends is detailed below – bringing all three of the gadgets functions together for the juice… which I call the ‘Beyond Good Green Juice’ – because it goes above and beyond the average smoothie, without losing any possible juicy goodness in the process. I basically use this as a way to combine the richer satisfying smoothy thing with the refreshing fresh juices… and when I say fresh I mean fresh, SO much tastier than a carton!

Press (for any juicy fruit where you don’t want skin in the way)

1x GrapeFruit

1x Kiwi – you can actually juice these as apparently the skin is very good for you, but I personally didn’t fancy it so went with the press instead. But you always have the option!

Juice (for any ingredient where you want to include pretty much the whole thing)

1x Cucumber

Pop all the juices so far into a blender. Add in a large handful of Spinach, a few fresh mint leaves and some chunks of fresh pineapple if you prefer your juice on the sweeter side. If you prefer it less sweet, just add a little more spinach. Depending on exactly how much juice your various ingredients have given you you can always add a bit of coconut water to get the consistency you prefer too.

Blend (To get the final mix of good stuff!)

It all together – with a couple of ice cubes to make it really refreshing! ENJOY!


But then, after all the green goodness I thought I’d try something a little more creamy – aiming to sort of recreate these delicious post-workout smoothies I used to have after doing a session at Barry’s Bootcamp when I was better at going regularly (note to self: get back on that). One of my favourites was a banana/peanut butter combination so this is what I set out to create. With the end recipe being as follows – with the only tweak I might make is adding some protein powder of some sort so it would make a perfect after exercise smoothie treat.

Banana Peanut Junkie London Smoothie:

1x Banana (I used an over-ripe one, but any banana will do)

2x Tea Spoons of Peanut Butter (look for ones that are ALL peanut, no added sugar)

1-2 Dollops of Dark Agave Syrup (optional depending on how sweet you want it)

1-2 Tablespoons of Flax Seed

Soy Milk – as much as you want depending how thick/thin you want it!

Probably not the all round healthiest option – but you always have the green option above for the fully healthy option! For the creamy option, making choices like the peanuts-only peanut butter and agave syrup over sugar can make those little tweaks to make it that little bit more virtuous. Sometimes you just need something as a boost after a gym session too. Which actually reminds me I need to dash to the gym right now!

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    • Jen
      June 14, 2016 / 11:59 am

      I had this issue when I was in London but now not so bad with a dishwasher – find it really easy to just stick in there and be done!

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