Jo Malone Herb Garden Collection

Is there anything more quintessentially British than a herb garden? The smell of Strawberries or Lavender mixed with herby Thyme or Corriander. A real hodge-podge of different garden smells coming together to create a natural and earthy feeling collection that – as always – captures a little something of that Jo Malone British feel. There are five scents in the Jo Malone Herb Garden Collection, of which I have two examples to talk about but have given them all a good whiff so will tell you more below:

Jo Malone Herb Garden

So the five fragrances in the collection are:

Sorrel & Lemon Thyme: Fresh zesty lemon plus the herby sorrel, lemon thyme and rosemary. This is one for you if you like Lime Basil & Mandarin as it has that sort of herby/citrus cross over.

Carrot Blossom & Fennel: Sweet carrot with a zing of fennel plus some floral elements with Rose and orange flower. Manages to be sweet and fruity without being sickly so.

Wild Strawberry & Parsley: This is the one that had me all heart-eyes at the launch event. Before I even smelt it, I just knew it would smell delicious. Bringing together wild strawberries, plus the peppery notes of flat leaf parsley and a touch of tomato leaves and ripe blackcurrant. If you like Blackberry and Bay then you will probably like this one.

Nasturtium & Clover: Firstly, I love the word Nastrutium. Fresh green clover, a dash of peppery rocket and a dose of zingy lemon plus the Nasturtium blooms and jasmine. Floral with that touch of green to keep it country garden not flower shop. This one also has a dose of Vetiver, one of my all time favourite notes.

Lavender & Coriander: Lavender has old fashioned connotations, but personally I love it. There’s something so soothing about it and I love it in combination with the coriander. Such a fresh green scent, combined with the sweetness of English and French Lavender and the added sage and tonka bean it keeps this one fresh rather than musty.


Jo Malone Herb Garden

Each fragrance is available in the 30ml and £44 – I believe they’re all limited edition so if you want one, get your hands on it now. The two I have here are Sorrel & Lemon Thyme and Carrot Blossom & Fennel. The Sorrel & Lemon is the ‘easy to wear’ sort of scent, a good gift as it’s one the vast majority will like (unless they don’t like lemon). But Carrot Blossom & Fennel is probably my favourite of the two – it’s sweet but the herbal notes mean it stays on the cooler side and not sickly sweet at all.

Of the whole collection though I really loved the Lavender and Coriander – I am a sucker for Lavender so knew I’d like this. Anything with a bit of a herby/slightly less girly edge to it fragrance wise always wins me over so it doesn’t surprise me that I loved this one.

The collection is out in March so not long to wait if you want to try these! Although just looking online and they’re on John Lewis now. So spree away if you fancy them!

Jo Malone Herb Garden collection* is available now from John Lewis £44

In other news…when I am old, I want to be as glam as the lady fronting the Herb Garden campaign…

*PR sample or gift



  1. February 25, 2016 / 10:57 pm

    These scents sound utterly beautiful, what perfect Spring perfumes! The packaging is lovely too, so different and sleek!

    Jasmine | xx

  2. March 11, 2016 / 8:12 pm

    They all sound incredible! I love Jo Malone fragrances, I can only imagine what these smell like x
    Louise |

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