Top Five London Spas

I love a good spa or salon session, I have done ever since I was a teenager and my mum took me to her favourite in my hometown as a treat! I remember deciding for my 16th birthday I wanted a salon applied fake tan. Which I got, it was by St Tropez and was one of the best colours I’ve ever had – but I did make the rookie mistake of thinking – yay, I’ll be really tanned so the best thing to wear straight after is a fitted white t-shirt….not so much, unless you want to look like you like to roll around in mud…

But I digress, thinking about how much I like salons and spas and how over the years living in London I have tried and tested more than my fair share I thought it was time to make a little list of my top five!

top five london spas

Number Five would have to be Spa Illuminata (Mayfair)* – a fairly standard looking spa from the outside, luxury of course but not necessarily one that would make you go ‘wow’ from the front door. But what I loved about this is how it becomes a labyrinth of Greek-inspired corridors leading to secluded rooms to have your treatments. Despite being a stones throw from hectic Oxford street you forget all that and feel a million miles away. Plus they use gorgeous Decleor products that I love – the scent just makes me immediately feel chilled out.

Number Four would be K West Hotel Spa (Shepherd’s Bush)* – one over in the West, I went to visit this one a few years ago when I was living in the area and it’s always stuck in my mind. I’m due to go back and visit soon so will do an update on it then but what I remembered most about this was the most relaxing treatment then spending time in the spa area that is filled with a large warm pool for a relaxing dip, the usual sauna and steam room plus little relaxing pods to take a quick snooze if the mood takes you. This is another one that despite being close to one of the biggest shopping centres in London, plus some of the busiest roads you totally forget about it. It’s also located in a largely residential area, so not one you are likely to just stumble across – but well worth exploring.

Number Three is Radiance Beauty (W1) – this is my ‘local’ salon, the one I go to for all my regular treatments and have been going there every month or so for almost a year now. Things I love about this salon – it’s convenient, they offer online booking which is essential for me plus they’re great at replying to questions over twitter (once their online booking was down, I tweeted them to ask about it and they got back to me in moments – very impressed for a smaller salon to be so social-savvy). The staff are always friendly and look really smart!

It’s one of those smaller detail things that I actually think is really important – I remember going to a salon in North London once that sounded good on paper but the way the staff dressed really let it down on first impressions (plus my therapist had just nipped out for fag before my facial and spent my whole appointment breathing stale ash breath all over me…not the greatest memory of a salon experience!).

Number Two is The Chelsea Day Spa (King’s Road)* – Whilst it’s not the most convenient for me to get to as I live on the other side of London, it is worth the trip. It’s located in the middle of the lovely King’s Road,  that can be great for people watching -let alone shopping or other fun things. It’s a fairly small salon, but when you are taken to the treatment rooms you forget all about that and totally zone out. The rooms are small, but feel cosy rather than cramped and the staff here are great – really friendly and chatty (I remember one who did my spray tan telling me about which of the Made  in Chelsea cast went for the same shade as I was having. Another great thing about this Spa is that they always have offers on for different packages or services – keep an eye on their website!

Number One –  The Four Seasons (Park Lane)*. This is definitely my all time It really is the most wonderful spa and I’m actually really excited as I’m heading there soon to try out one of their massage treatments. The first time I went there for a treatment was for a Caci Facial and it really was wonderful – the facial was both really relaxing and really effective, the perfect combination. Then I got to enjoy the Spa facilities that I had totally to myself. It felt like I was a million miles away from London, with huge views over Hyde Park one way or back over the city skyline the other (the picture at the top is taken from one of the rooms in the Spa with views going South East.

Also – I have to give an honourable mention to the wonderful Neville Hair and Beauty in Belgravia. It’s been a while since I’ve been there but I had my first ever microdermabrasion treatment there and I remember the treatment being amazing. Best part about that salon – the fact that they actually put you under a cosy duvet on the treatment bed. It was so cosy I definitely nodded off. That’s how relaxing it was! To technically this is probably a top six…but top five definitely sounds better so I’ll call it that and throw in a wild card!

*Salon or Spa visited as PR review. Others paid for by myself.

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  1. Shabz
    August 31, 2013 / 4:50 pm

    I love going to the spa to get pampered! I’ve heard so much about Neville Hair and Beauty recently – I’ll have to go there asap!
    Great post!

    I’m running a bioderma giveaway on my blog, I’d love for you to enter!

    Thanks, lipglossandlace xo

    • Jen
      September 1, 2013 / 10:43 am

      It’s a great place, been a while since I went but the facial I had there was really memorable!

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