Two Steps to Longer Lashes

So you want long lashes, but don’t want to wear falsies? Well, there’s a mascara that’s been doing the round in blog-land with rave after rave, so I had to give it a go. This isn’t just your ordinary mascara though – this is a two-step one called ‘Magnetic Lash’ with one coat of the ‘magnetic mascara’, followed by a coat of ‘lash builder’ then topped off with a final coat of the ‘Magnetic Mascara’ to finish… a lot of fuss, sure – but for longer lashes than Bambi…I’m willing to give it a go!

And what better way to show it off than to demonstrate the step-by-step on my so tiny they’re almost invisible lashes… if this isn’t proof that this baby works a treat then I don’t know what is!

two steps to longer lashes







The first step is essentially a normal looking and feeling mascara – the second step is the interesting one – a little wand covered with black fibres that stick to the lashes that are coated in magnetic mascara already and add extra length and ‘bulk’ to the lashes. That are then coated by the magnetic mascara again to ‘seal’ the fibres and prevent them from dropping onto cheeks or your lashes basically disintegrating over the day.

For someone who maybe doesn’t love false lashes but would love the effect then I definitely think this is worth a try – if you find lashes too much of a fuss then this is a happy medium. Sure, this takes longer than normal mascara but hardly that much fuss.

I do recommend you do this before you finish your base/cheeks if you can – I find there can be some fibre fall-out at times if you’re not careful but it does tend to just float away as they’re so light and fine.

But seriously – look at the difference between the before and after shots… talk about dramatic lash difference!

This little lash-wonder is available from the home of all things amazing in the beauty world: Cult Beauty (£24.98)

PR sample


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  1. Cornelia
    November 29, 2013 / 8:29 am

    That is a Huge difference! How was the brush to get the tiny lashes on the inside? Did it last a long time? I am always worried with these mascaras that they will flake.

    Ineffable Beauty

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