ASOS Sale Picks

I’m trying to resist, but the ASOS sale has a habit of not being able to just pass me by. The clothes and discount just never fail to win me over and suck me in to make a purchase. In fact, as I sit here typing there’s a whopping £400 worth of stuff sitting in my imaginary shopping basket just tempting me to his ‘purchase’. But that would be a bit excessive, so I’ve picked out six items that are catching my eye and might make the leap from ‘imaginary shopping basked’ to wardrobe…

ASOS sale picks

So this is my edit of the sale down to six items that I’m loving the look of:

1. Loose Fit Lace T-Shirt (was £25, now £17.50)- easy to wear, pair with jeans and converse for a simple Spring outfit.

2. Petite Striped Top Dress (was £30, now £21) – I’m not sure it’s even possible for me to put together  a wishlist without a striped item being featured. I think this is really cute – a dress that looks like a top and skirt. Smart-ish casual.

3. Peep Toe Shoe Boots (was £50, now £35) – These are the biggest style related debate for me at the moment. In theory, I totally love shoe boots – and think they can look great. But on me, it just seems to look a bit odd. Maybe I just don’t know how to pull them off, but they do seem quite bizarre when you think about it-  the shoe that can’t decide what season it’s for. But regardless, these keep jumping out at me and I am tempted to try…

4. Polka Dot Playsuit (was £28, now £19.50) – Another item that isn’t usually very ‘me’. But I really like the casual look of this, especially when paired with the white tshirt. I’ve never really been a playsuit kinda girl (the idea of having to totally strip down too go to the loo just seems like a hassle. But this might have won me over.

5. Warehouse Lace Dress (was £85, now £59.50) – This was a dress that caught my eye as soon as I saw it. Really pretty and simple, I have a couple of weddings to go to this year (not my own..) and thought this might make a nice dress to wear to one of them. I love the lace detailing top and the pleated skirt combination. It’s also available with a teal coloured skirt, but I prefer the cream and black.

6. River Island Makeup Bag (was £15, now £10.50) – This was another that caught my eye straight away thanks to the always-winning combination of animal print and my favourite colour turquoise…combined to make a very cute make-up bag. If I didn’t already have far too many make-up bags for one girl then this would most certainly be a purchase. I love the addition of a mirror on the outside for beauty on the go. Very handy.

Let me know if you pick anything up from the sale! I’m trying to hold back… but not sure I’ll manage it! Happy shopping!



    • Jen
      March 24, 2014 / 1:58 pm

      It’s adorable isn’t it! Can just imagine it with converse and a little denim jacket!

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