#StepIntoSummer Week One

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A little introduction first – as you may probably already know, I’m getting married in August. Of course, with the big day getting closer and closer the idea of being the centre of attention and all eyes on me is getting more and more real. Of course, I want to look as good as is possible – and I’m slightly kicking myself for the last few months of ‘relaxed’ (understatement alert) eating and pretty low levels of exercise (read non-existent bar the odd swim or run…). So when I was approached by Weight Watchers to take part in a series of #StepIntoSummer challenges over a series of weeks I decided it would be a good chance to really give myself the kick up the bum I know I badly need, to take a closer look at my eating habits and try and boost things with a few lbs of weight loss.

My goals aren’t just about weight-loss though – it’s also about making healthier choices and more fruit and veg (which is ideal when you see this week’s challenge). I know when I’ve been eating badly as my skin and eyes tend to show the effects – so I’ll be looking at more than just the scales over the next few weeks and updating throughout.

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I’m not totally new to Weight Watchers, it’s something I’ve done before and find it pretty straight forward – but you do need to focus to make sure you’re doing it properly. This time around there have been a few changes, as it’s been a couple of years since I last followed the plan – I did try it again once since last time I blogged about it (here). The biggest change being the new ‘Simple Start’ – some really straight forward meal ideas and food guides. These are really simply broken down into ‘go for it’ and ‘skip it’ options, making it far less intimidating on the counting front… only downside being that avocado is now off-limits…boo. But still, no pain no gain and all that! On the plus side pasta is still an option.. as long as it’s wholewheat.

Along with that, there’s the mobile app that I’m using to keep track of things on the go – when I first tried Weight Watchers years ago, they didn’t have an app. So this makes things a LOT easier.

Your chance to get involved:

So that’s a little intro to the overall Weight Watchers activity I’m going to be blogging about. On top of that though are a few new interesting twists – firstly, the challenges. Each week I will be set a new and different challenge to take on – each one part of the the ‘Healthy Routines’ that can be found as part of the Weight Watchers programme – with the whole idea being that you get into a routine of a healthy lifestyle rather than just loose a bit of weight and then fall back into old habits. Along with each of these challenges there’s going to be a chance to get involved and potentially win some rather fab prizes by taking part.

This week for example, all you need to do is follow @ww_uk on Twitter and upload a picture of one of your challenge meals using the #StepIntoSummer for the chance to win a Power Fruit Juicer. Full social media profile details are at the bottom of the post.

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This Week’s Challenge:

This week’s challenge is to eat a portion of fruit or veg with EVERY meal. Harder than it sounds, especially for a carb-fiend like myself. But at the moment I’ve been adding a piece of fruit (banana or apple) with breakfast, then another piece of fruit (satsuma, apple or banana) as a snack/sweet treat with lunch. Then for dinner I’d opt to load up on veggies.

Each week there’s also a hero recipe that I’ve been challenged to cook – giving this week’s option a whirl at the weekend. It was really tasty – a prawn and courgette curry with brown rice (6 pro points per serving, including a 60g serving of brown rice). This is absolutely my favourite sort of meal and definitely didn’t feel deprived at all…but this may have been down to a slight oversight on the portion control where I didn’t read that the meal served four…not two… But, all tracked and a learning for going forward! I know I would have been just as satisfied with half the portion I did have on my plate – it was delicious and I’m a big fan of padding out a curry type disk with veg such as mushrooms (which we added to the recipe) or courgettes.

So all going ok to start with, it’s taking some focus to make sure I’m not just eating mindlessly – and really thinking about what I’m having and if it’s ‘worth’ the points. But so far, no hunger and enjoying the additional fruit and veg I’m eating.

Let me know if you get involved in the challenges across the Weight Watcher’s social media channels – or if you’re also following a Weight Watchers plan at the moment!

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To find out more about Weight Watchers or to sign up, visit the Weight Watchers Website.

Weight Watchers (including the competition details) can also be found online:


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  1. April 28, 2014 / 2:43 pm

    This is a great idea, I’ve recently been trying to get healthy and have definitely started watching what I eat, but I think I need to also focus on my drink and although I’ve added more water into my life, maybe cut out coke and cider!


    • Jen
      April 28, 2014 / 9:45 pm

      Same here, diet coke is my weakness (and a glass or two of Prosecco…) need to reign that in a bit!

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