Urban Decay Black Eyeliner Wardrobe

Black eyeliner is a staple in pretty much everyones beauty wardrobe – maybe not for everyday for all, but I would bank on pretty much every make-up wearing woman (or man!) having dabbled in a bit of a black lining at some point. But, all black liners are not equal and within the black liner category the options are actually surprisingly wide. Urban Decay have recognised this and launched a selection of black liners – giving you an Urban Decay Black Eyeliner Wardrobe to choose from. Allowing you to choose the product type, application and look that you think suits you best. I have a little run down of what these choices are below…

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The Urban Decay Black Eyeliner Wardrobe has four products, a cake liner, a gel pencil, a crayon and a felt tip fine line pen. But as before, all black liners are not equal, and each creates a different look and finish (and ease of application).

All Nighter Eyeliner

Type of Eyeliner: Crayon, with twist up mechanism to sharpen

Best for: Smudgey, smokey eyes that you want to last all night. Has a fine point so you can go for a more subtle look and build it if you like – this is the one I’d say is best for beginners. Easiest to use for more subtle or more dramatic looks equally.

Ink For Eyes

Type of Eyeliner: Fine tipped, felt pen.

Best for: The perfect feline flick, ideal for a fine but solid black line look.

24/7 Velvet

Type of Eyeliner: Gel texture pencil

Best for: Smokey eyes, more intense than the All Nighter in pigment (slightly)

Super-Saturated Waterproof Cream Eyeliner

Type of Eyeliner: Cream in a pot, apply with brush.

Best for: The ‘advanced’ smokey eye, you need a steady hand for this one. Great for dramatic looks that stay put all day long.

In terms of finish, the Ink for Eyes has the most interesting one – with the ink having a slightly petrol-like sheen to it. With the other three falling into the matte category (cream is slightly more sheeny than the crayon/pencil options). In terms of ease of use, the All Nighter has to be the easiest and the Cream Eyeliner the most tricky – although the brush is good, very solid so the bristles feel under control.

My personal top pick would be the Ink for Eyes as I am partial to the odd feline flick look – especially when it’s quite a fine/subtle one and this makes it really easy to do with no hassle.

Urban Decay Black Eyeliners * are available from Debenhams (eyeliners starting from £12)



  1. April 11, 2014 / 5:35 pm

    Ink for Eyes sounds good for me, I’m always going for a flick with my liner! The cream liner looks gorgeous, I’m so tempted to try liners like that but I just can’t trust my shaky hands!

  2. Allison
    April 15, 2014 / 4:27 am

    Absolutely love Urban Decay. I use their foundation and concealer. It covers very well! I recommend trying it out as well. xo

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