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I love a good bath. Whatever the season, although especially in Winter there is little that de-stresses me more than spending some time soaking away any worries in the tub. I especially love it when there’s a product that promises that extra bit of a boost – be it sleep, muscle soothing, stress relieving. So when I was offered the chance to make my own The Bathory Custom Bath Soak – I was helpless to resist.

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The Bathory concept is that you choose your ‘base’ from the trio of Bask, Soothe or Detox. Bask has a shed load of mineral salts, Soothe hydrating buttermilk, oats and honey and Detox has Epsom salts and Rhassoul Clay to draw out toxins. It was a tough call, but I decided to go with the Detox option – as I am attempting a bit of a get fit/healthy mission so it seemed like a good fit. But I was very torn between that and the skin softening benefits of the Soothe option too…

Then it gets really interesting – to blend with your base you can choose up to three oils to create your custom blend. The options initially list all of the oils available – but you can customise the list to show those that link to how you want to feel (Relaxed, Revived, Happy, Sexy, Confident, Focussed, Inspired being the options).  I selected Bergamot, Grapefruit and Rosemary – apparently creating a mixture between relaxed and revived…! I basically chose based on my own preferences (love Grapefruit) and the descriptions – Rosemary is listed as ‘The Magical One’ and Bergamot at ‘The Uplifting One’… who doesn’t want a bit of magic, uplifting and Inspiring (Grapefruit is listed as list).

All in all, it was very much a custom blend. When it arrived I immediately took it out of the fab brown bag packaging – simple, but stylist. To reveal a black tub that felt sturdy and expensive. On opening, I did love the smell – although I couldn’t really depict any one particular scent. It really was a true blend of the various ingredients.

So with that I went to run myself a bath – the one bit that did surprise me was the quantity recommended to add to the bath – saying that for the best effects you should add the WHOLE TUB to the bath?! I think this basically shows how wrong I’ve been all these years – as I’d normally add a cap full or hand full under running water?! The slightly more tight part of me didn’t quite feel ready to pour the entire contents away on one use, so I went for a good third-half of the tub instead of the whole hog. There’s no denying that at around £18 a tub, it’s not the cheapest bath option if you decide to pour the whole thing in – but under the promise of it being the best bath of your life…it’s hard to resist!

But how did I find it with lesser quantity? It was a lovely bath, I felt very relaxed – but not totally and utterly zoned out or drained. So I would guess that would be down to the uplifting/inspiring/magic combo in action?!

Having made my selection, I actually remembered reading the post from the lovely Ruth at A Model Recommends who also made a custom combo – having looked hers up I am sorely tempted to give it a go based on her blog about it. She went for Soothe, with Frankinsence, Rosemary and Sandalwood. It sounded dreamy  – and def the next combo I will be opting for on a Bathory experience. Her experience of being totally and utterly knocked out by the bath (in a good way… I think) has me sold!

If you go for it and make your own custom blend let me know what you go for – would love to hear others expereiences as sure that it would be so rare for two choices to just be naturally totally the same!

The Bathory Bath Soaks * are $30 (£18) with $5 shipping – the shipping was extremely fast by the way. Mine arrived in two days of ordering.



  1. May 29, 2014 / 11:29 am

    Wow this sounds really lovely – there is nothing better than a relaxing bath after a long day at work!

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

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