Vice or Virtue: Week 2 #YpsilonVirtue

Have you been visiting the Chrysler challenge page on Stylist Online? If not, then you should have been – there’s a new challenge and chance to win every day. As with my first update for this (you can read that one HERE), I’ve been picking and choosing a few challenges to take part in myself to either give me a wake up call with a bit of vice… or leave me feeling all viruous with a bit of virtue… it’s time for this week’s update on which challenges I have chosen and why!

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Vice or Virtue: 23rd May

Virtue: Follow this seasons nail trend and use sweet melon and funky fucshcia shades

Vice: Go to the nail bar and choose a crazy design to celebrate the Summer

Ok, so this challenge was made for a beauty junkie… but was I to go vice or virtue?! This was actually a really tough call, so I decided to opt for something in the middle and opt for sweet melon and funky fuchsia… but together to create a bit more of a simple summery nail art design. So I picked out three of the most Summery shades I could find and created a bit of a colour clash polka dot look for the nails. Everything about this one is a bit out of my usual nail comfort zone – I don’t often opt for pinky shades, I very rarely do any nail art myself either. But that’s the point of the challenge!

The three shades I chose to use are Calvin Klein ‘Beach Party’ (could I get any more Summery…), Revlon Parfumerie Ginger Melon (a little nod to the Virtue challenge) and Sally Hansen ‘Carnivale’ from the Summer collection…again, the perfect trio of Summer shades. I then used the dotting tool from the Butter London Backstage Basics Nail Art Tool Kit for the dotting effect. Overall, it’s a little bit of vice…and a little bit of virtue…and a whole lot of Summer. I am by no means a nail art expert, and perhaps I should have gone for a bit of vice and left it to the professionals…but it was fun and gave me a bit of a different look than I usually go for – which is basically the point of the vice/virtue challenge – breaking out of routine and habit!



Vice or Virtue: 24th May

Virtue: Make a mocktail

Vice: Share a cocktail

Ha, so bank holiday weekend… it’s been fairly sunny (with the odd shower) and I have the choice between a cocktail and a mocktail?! Well, this one was a clear Vice choice all the way. Deciding to go all British on the cocktail front and share a jug of Pimms over a late brunch with one of my favourite girls Kate (and Monty) in the sun. Is there anything that’s more likely to bring a smile to your face than sunshine, Pimms and friends?! No… I didn’t think so. This particular cocktail was enjoyed at one of my favourite little eating places in Angel – The Breakfast Club. I particularly like it there when it’s sunny as there’s far more space in the outdoor eating area than the smaller indoor space, meaning less of a wait. I’ve waited over 40mins to get in this place before – I know, such a mug! But this time we got straight to sitting down and had a lovely time – all topped off with some glasses of our fave British Summer time tipple.

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Vice or Virtue: 25th May

Virtue: Skip your exercise class

Vice: Switch it for a self defence class

I’m back on the fitness bandwagon, having left it pretty last moment to try and get in a shape where I feel happier and a bit more confident for the wedding. But for this one I did go with skipping the class… bad Jen. Although this comes under the ‘virtue’ option – I still felt a bit more vice for opting out. I will however be redressing the balance by heading back to Barry’s Bootcamp again for an arms session this week. I’ve also returned to using the Slendertone Abs Belt – I recently had a session with the Slendertone ambassador and Personal Trainer Jarod Chapman who is absolutely fab – very positive and really knows his stuff. The session left me feeling really positive and motivated and I’ve been pretty consistent with daily Slendertone sessions ever since.. so hopefully that doesn’t quite feel so bad for the opting out of the class this week! Back on it next week!

A few of the challenges from the past week that I didn’t choose include… 20th: Virtue – Date to bare and go to work make-up free or Vice – Dare to bare and go on a date make-up free… I was going to do this, but I had a working from home day, and zero dates planned (happens when you’re engaged…) so decided it was a bit of a cop-out as there was a high chance I would be make-up free anyway that day! The other vice/virtue choice I was *very * close to taking on was the 19th: Virtue – Take a different route to work and take in the scenery or vice – Bunker down and enjoy a duvet day and order in a pizza. Again, this was another very tough call – as I love it when I take the chance to take the longer/slower route when I’m doing some freelance work over in Camden and walk along the Canal – but that wasn’t on the cards thisweek. Also, big fan of pizza – but thought since I was skipping the exercise class… I should maybe stick to one indulgence this week! For this week only… there will be no blood, sweat and Barry’s for this beauty junkie.

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That’s this week’s update on the challenged – as I mentioned at the start, don’t forget there’s a daily competition on the Stylist Magazine Website with each challenge to be taken part in – with an overall grand prize of a pretty kick-ass trip to Dubai with a stay at Le Royal Meridien (plus the smaller daily prizes too). So if you haven’t checked it out, make sure you do. I’ll be updating again on my next batch of challenges in around a week… so stay tuned for more #YpsilonVice #YpsilonVirtue updates!

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