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Remember back in Feb, when I totally over-excitedly spammed you with my social feed about going to The Brits? Well, that was thanks to the lovely folks behind Vita Liberata and was totally one of my top blog-life highlights. It was an amazing evening and just the prompt I needed to jump back on the fake tanning band wagon. Fake tan is something that tends to pop up here and there in my beauty routine – I am a big fan of a tan, but not such a lover of the routine that it’s a total staple. I love having a bit of a glow, but the idea of tanning always seems like more effort than it actually is. Especially after a few months fake tan free. But Vita Liberata inviting me to the Brits and sending me some of their latest launches was just the nudge needed to start it up again.IMG_7480


There are a few exciting products in the Vita Liberata range. Firstly, the Vita Liberata Luxury Tan pHenomenal that promises a 2-3 week tan. A tan that lasts 2-3 weeks rather than the one week usual? This has me listening for sure. It’s a mousse formula, which second only to gel is the formula I like. It’s a tinted mousse so no missing a spot and dries nice and quickly. One of the latest tricks I’ve picked up for tanning is to not go easy on the product – when I try to be too light on product is when I tend to miss spots or just spread it too thin it ends up patchy. Also, Vita Liberata really doesn’t have that annoying tan smell. A big plus.

Then we have the Self Tanning Moisture Mask – an overnight mask that gives a moisture boost and a bit of a glow as you sleep. Again, the lazy tanner in me loves this approach. The mask is a white cream. On first use I thought it was going to be more gel like than it actually was and it took a little more work than expected (I’m talking seconds) to rub it all in as I probably applied a little too much. But once I got quantities right this works a treat, especially if you want to go subtle after laying off the tan over Winter as it does deliver a more subtle shade than the medium tan mousse. As you would expect.

Then lastly – there’s the newest innovation in self tanning – a bronzer that also delivers a wear-off tan. Seriously, how cool is that?! So you use just as you would a normal bronzer and apply to your cheeks in areas where you want a sunkissed glow and the powder gives you an instant colour that also works on your skin to make it last and give you a wear off tan too. Maybe it’s just me, but I am a little bit boggled (in a good way!) by the whole concept. But at the end of the day there are powders promising skin care benefits, so why not a lasting tan too?! I’ll be interested to see how this idea develops in the tanning market as a whole.

My tips – if you’re a confident tanner then jump straight in with the 2-3 week pHenomenal tan, if you’re coming back to tanning after a Winter break, ease your way in with the over night mask. Or if you just want a touch of glow where you like – go with the bronzer.

Whilst I’ve got you… might as well share a few of my pics from the awesome night at The Brits… Thanks for having me again Vita Liberata! FYI – I had used the pHenomenal Tan and the overnight mask the night before The Brits (and as I sit here typing have them both on again!)

Attempt at posing at the #BRITs2015 with @vitaliberata

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That moment when Madonna stacked it… #BRITs2015

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I was a guest of Vita Liberata at The Brits.


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