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I’ve talked about my love for Demeter Fragrance Library before, so you can probably understand when I was a tad over excited at prospect of them arriving in the UK under the name of ‘The Fragrance Library’. I remember the first time I spotted them – I was in a Walgreens just off Union Square in New York and I spotted the rows of little glass bottles. In particular the Play-Doh one caught my eye. One sniff and I was whisked back to my childhood. So I spent a while exploring the other fragrances and I loved it – such simple things that are totally evocative of memories or just plain smell good. So a quick mental hop, skip and a jump back across the Atlantic and these simple but lovely scents can now be found over here in larger Boots stores. Exciting news, I know.


So before I talk specifics on this little Spring-tastic trio, a little bit more general info on what The Library of Fragrance is all about. As I get that some people might think it’s a bit odd to consider a perfume that smells of Play-Doh, Grass or even Dirt…yep, all scents from the The Library of Fragrance repertoire. Well the idea is that they’re fragrances that capture the scents of things that are around us every day. The first three scents were Grass, Dirt and Tomato (somebody had been hanging out in a vegetable garden maybe!?) and they launched in the iconic Bergdorf Goodman in 1996 and soon became a cult range adding more and more of the familiar and the unusual to the family of fragrances. 101 of the fragrances are available in the UK so these three are just a sample. But the trio perfectly sum up a Spring day really don’t they?!

Grass: Literally smells like the gorgeousness that is cut grass. Clean fresh and outdoorsy. I’m not necessarily saying I want to smell like a fresh mown lawn, but this in combination with one of the others creates something really special.

Daffodil: Some of the the most exciting flowers in my opinion. Sure, they’re everywhere this time of year and can be picked up for £1 a bunch. But you tell me a flower that signals the start of warmer days and all the excitement that brings better than the Daffodil and I’ll be very surprised. I love Daffs, they’re just a sunny Spring day in a flower. However, I don’t think I’ve ever smelt one?! But if they’re like this Daffodil scent they’re lightly floral but warm and sweet. The combination of Daffodil and Grass is absolutely gorgeous – fresh and clean, but with a sweet warmth all at the same time.

Rain: Maybe not the best part of Spring, but an inevitable part of living in the UK. As much as it’s a pain, there’s something about rain that does manage to be lovely too. The smell after a Spring rain shower, even in not-s0-fresh London just smells so fresh and clean. That’s what this manages to capture – a fresh, clean fragrance that has a hint of the Grass scent in there too.

The tricky thing about these scents is how hard they are to describe! They really manage to capture something special in that they’re indescribable. They capture something so familiar it’s hard to pin point in the usual terms of notes. I would seriously love to know more about the process that goes into creating these and how they do it?!

My favourite thing about The Library of Fragrance isn’t each individual scent, but how they can be layered and combined to make something unique. These three are the perfect example of how you can wear each alone, or combine/layer into something custom. You could go for two or all three – you could do more of one and a light spritz of the other. So many combination options – it can be a nice way to find something unique to you. I especially like the idea of having one ‘core’ signature scent of your own that you then combine with others over the year to make it seasonal, but always with one constant becoming your ‘thing’ that stays familiar.

At £15 each (or two for £25) they still cost less than an expensive bottle of designer fragrance and can create something far more unique. Definitely worth checking out in my opinion!

The Fragrance Library * available from (£15 each)

*Indicates PR sample or gift



  1. March 24, 2015 / 7:39 pm

    Loving this brand at the moment and keep spraying on Sex On The Beach for a light but fruity scent.
    Loving the sound of rain!
    Leanne xx

  2. March 25, 2015 / 12:32 pm

    I love the concept of the Fragrance Library – a lot of the scents have the potential to be very nostalgic, and take you back to a certain place or time in your life. I’ve known about them for quite a few years, but have never bought any due to their unavailability in the UK. How exciting that they’re now available in Boots! The next time I pass a big Boots I’m going to go in and test a few of them!

  3. March 25, 2015 / 8:39 pm

    I hate everything about rain but its scent. If The Fragrance LIbrary has managed to capture it, then I must give it a sniff.

  4. March 26, 2015 / 12:31 pm

    Liberty of fragrance have such an amazing range! I love the idea of layering fragrance as it makes it so personal. Freshly cut grass is one of the most iconic spring/summer smells! I love the nostalgia the brand has 😀

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